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Skylanders did it well, Disney tried to copy it…but didn’t really succeed…Nintendo had (and still have) their amiibos, but then, in 2015, TT Games joined the Toys to life genre and the game changed…. Before LEGO hit the scene, the toys to life genre was a little bit dull outside of the game itself. You buy the figures, you plug them in, you play the game and that is about it as much interaction as you got, there wasn’t any real value, other than as a collectors item, added by the figures, it was literally just a gimmick.

TT Games changed all that, thanks to their relationship with arguably the biggest name in toys, bringing a mixture of physical builds and virtual adventures together in one amazing game. LEGO Dimensions tagline was “break the rules” and that’s exactly what it did.

LEGO Dimensions takes completing a LEGO game to a new level with tons of levels and expansions, over a thousand golden bricks, minikits galore, and thirty red bricks.

Starter Pack Story Level Guides

Level Pack Guides

Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack Guides

Level 1 – Paranormal Beginnings
Level 2 – Ghostbusting!
Level 3 – The Mercado Building
Level 4 – Breaking the Barrier
Level 5 – The Battle for Times Square
Level 6 – The Final Showdown

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Guides

Level 1 – Accruing Interest
Level 2 – Grand Opening
Level 3 – A Walk In The Park
Level 4 – A Trial With Style
Level 5 – Demiguise Double-Cross
Level 6 – Obscurus For-Sure-Us

LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Guides

Level 1 – The Energy Plant
Level 2 – The Fortress of Solitude
Level 3 – Arkham Attack
Level 4 – Attack of the Uber Villains
Level 5 – The Phantom Zone
Level 6 – The Final Showdown

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