Let’s Play LEGO Dimensions #19 – Doctor Who Level Pack
LEGO Dimensions Let's Play LEGO Dimensions

Let’s Play LEGO Dimensions #19 – Doctor Who Level Pack

Let's Play LEGO Dimensions

It's all gone a bit Timey Wimey!

When the fate of the world hangs in the balance, as the Daleks begin a full scale invasion of Earth, there’s only one Timelord to call, The Doctor.

Taking the name and loose premise from one of the First Doctor’s adventures, The Dalek Extermination of Earth see Peter Capaldi return to take out his most fearsome enemies and stop their plot of turning all humans into Daleks.

The Doctor Who level pack includes

  • Three time periods of London: Victorian, 2015, The Near Future
  • Save the Earth, by travelling the Skaro, the home of the Daleks
  • Iconic voice acting, including The Doctor himself.

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