New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions #7: Ghostbusters
Adventures in LEGO Dimensions LEGO Dimensions

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions #7: Ghostbusters

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions

Who you gonna call? LEGO Ghostbusters

A series I started in 2018, Adventures in LEGO Dimensions, returns for a reboot. The series sees each episode focused on a different franchise hub world and this new series will continue the game from my Let’s Play series on the hunt for the 100%.

Part 7 of this series and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ghostbusters I’m heading to New York city to join forces with everyone’s favourite paranormal investigators and eliminators, the Ghostbusters. Suit up, power up, and whatever you do, DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS!

There’s 27 gold bricks to find, a headless Statue of Liberty to repair, the Titanic to explore, and an ooze-filled subway to search. All of this, and every ghost and ghoul you can think of.

Luckily, we ain’t afraid of no ghosts, even LEGO ones.

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