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Review | The LEGO Movie 2 – Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop 70821

So, by now there is a good chance that you’ve the LEGO Movie 2 and loved it as much as I did. Despite not quite outdoing the original,


Review | The LEGO Movie 2 – Benny’s Space Squad 7084...

After reviewing the awesome Thricycle set yesterday, I couldn’t help

ThricycleFeat 1

Review | The LEGO Movie 2 – Emmet’s Thricycle 70823

It’s been nearly five years since we were first introduced


Review | LEGO DC Super Heroes – Speed Force Freeze Pursuit...

With my LEGO obsession firmly turned towards the games of

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LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 18 – LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

“Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.” LEGO Games Retrospective, looking back


LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 16 – LEGO Star Wars I...

“Great leaders inspire greatness in others.” LEGO Games Retrospective, looking


The LEGO Harry Potter Collection [Review]

In just a few short weeks, the wizarding world of


LEGO Dimensions – LEGO City Fun Pack #71266 [Review]

Earlier this year TT Games finally launched their Nintendo exclusive franchise,

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Review | The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

It’s been five years since the events of Taco Tuesday and everything is no longer awesome. An alien invasion from the planet DUPLO has left Bricksburg in ruins.

LegoBatmanMovie Image

The LEGO Batman Movie [Review]

Following his star turn in The LEGO Movie, Batman returns


The LEGO Movie [Review]

After years of being known as nothing more than the

Retrospective Series


LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Archaeology is the search for

Mar 03, 2019

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“To understand your future you

Feb 16, 2019

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Great leaders inspire greatness in

Feb 03, 2019

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“That’s not how the Force

Oct 28, 2018

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Take off the suit and

Sep 04, 2018
jurassicworld e1532378430775

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Welcome to Jurassic Park!” LEGO

Jul 29, 2018
batman3 e1532299955940

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!” LEGO

Jul 22, 2018
LEGOHobbit e1531698110458

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“In a hole in the

Jul 16, 2018
legoMovieFeat e1531086062683

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Everything is AWESOME!” LEGO Games

Jul 08, 2018
LEGOMarvel e1530374230861

LEGO Games Retrospective Episo...

“Doctor Doom’s Doom Ray of

Jun 30, 2018