Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 8: The LEGO Movie World
Adventures in LEGO Dimensions LEGO Dimensions

Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 8: The LEGO Movie World

Adventures in LEGO Dimensions is a new series we’re running on YouTube, heading back into the franchise-mashing worlds of LEGO’s epic toys-to-life game.

Running from 2015-2017, LEGO Dimensions brought to life many franchises never before seen in LEGO games, as well as those a little more familiar. Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Who, The Wizard of Oz, and many many more.

Adventures in LEGO Dimensions will openly explore these worlds, solve the puzzles, collect the gold bricks and celebrate the brilliance that was such a monumental point in LEGO gaming.


As promised (though fairly later than promised), Episode 8 of Adventures in LEGO Dimensions is finally here and we’re off to the LEGO Movie world. It seems only fitting a place to visit with only a few weeks to go until the release of the long awaiting sequel.

Sadly lacking characters outside of the starter pack’s Wylde Style, there will be plenty of involvement from other heroes from across the multi-verse.

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