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LEGO At London Film and Comic Con 2019

Comic-con’s can be a special place for us fans, a chance to meet the TV/movie star we’ve grown up admiring. This year I attended London Film and Comic Con for that very reason, to meet an actor I’ve been a fan of for as year as I can remember, Captain


Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 12 – Ultron Undone

So here we are, at the close of Avengers: Age Of Ultron and with all the civilians saved from the floating city it’s now time to take down the big bad himself. With a stronger Avengers team, now including Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, anything is possible – which is


Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 11 – Rise Of Ultron

Despite Quicksilver’s attempt at shutting down another of Tony’s crazy projects, Thor unleashes his power to bring the mysterious Vision to life. As it turns out, good move, he’s worthy. Meanwhile, Ultron’s plan is in full swing as he begins to lift a city into the sky and it’s up


Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 10 – Korea Prospects

Having taken quite a beating at the hands of Ultron (and Hulk), the Avengers regroup in South Korea as the maniacal AI sets about creating his infinity stone powered perfect body. As Captain America takes on Ultron with Black Widow in tow, Starlet Witch and Quicksilver learn the truth of


Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 9 – Anger Management

With Ultron revealed, the Avengers must regroup and head to Wakanda to stop the crazed AI from buying vibranium from Klaw… Unfortunately, Ultron is not alone as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have joined his cause. He’s fast and she’s weird, there’s a lot that could go horribly wrong for the


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