Star Wars According To LiB – Part 1: The Prequel Trilogy
LEGO Star Wars Star Wars According To

Star Wars According To LiB – Part 1: The Prequel Trilogy

Welcome to this special side episode for the LEGO retrospective reviews.

Realising that the story section for my upcoming retrospective for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was going to take up more time than my average video I thought I’d do something a little different, a full retelling of the nine movie Star Wars saga.


Episodes I-III: The Prequel Trilogy

With the galaxy on the brink of war, two Jedi, a master and his apprentice, are sent to the planet Naboo to negotiate the end of a trade blockade. It doesn’t go well and they end up adopting a frog-person with a Caribbean accent, fleeing the planet, breaking the ship, and landing on a desert planet where they meet the boy named Anakin.

After a casual chat with his Mum and a quick scan, they believe him to be the chosen one (less Harry Potter, more Jesus) who will fulfil a prophecy and balance the Force, the mystical energy that binds all living things in the universe.


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