Review | Lightailing Lighting Kit – L...

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Lighting kits for LEGO sets have grown in popularity significantly in recent years, from DIY pick’n’mix components to full set specific kits, there’s plenty of


Review | LEGO Marvel What If…? –...

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With the Loki TV series finale finally introducing the multiverse into the mix, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or should I say multiverse – will


Review | LEGO The Infinity Saga – Bro...

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I’m sure every fan remembers their first viewing of Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of eleven years of Marvel’s Infinity Saga. The movie is filled from


Review | LEGO Builder’s Journey

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It’s time to put away the minifigures and the action-fuelled stories, slow down, relax, and enjoy a beautifully simple journey through a minimised world of


Review | LEGO Harry Potter – Hogwarts...

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On June 1st everyone’s favourite boy-wizard returned to LEGO form with a wave of new sets dedicated to celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the LEGO


Review | LEGO The Infinity Saga – Inf...

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Whether you’re a long time fan of the comics, or just a Marvel movie fan, there’s no denying that the moment that Thanos finally gained

Review | LEGO The Infinity Saga – Iro...

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With twenty-three movies and counting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a wealth of source material for the picking, and despite some amazing sets over the


Review | LEGO Friends – The Apartment...

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Just a few weeks ago, fans of 90’s sit-com Friends let out a unified exclamation of glee, as three words flooded social media, OH MY


LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 24 –...

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TO BOLDLY GO….WHERE NO MINIFIGURE HAS GONE BEFORE LEGO Games Retrospective, looking back over the last decade and a bit of TT Games’ LEGO partnership,


LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 23 –...

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WELCOME TO CHRONOPOLIS! LEGO Games Retrospective, looking back over the last decade and a bit of TT Games’ LEGO partnership, from the emergence of LEGO


Review | LEGO Avengers – Iron Man Armory ...

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With another wave of LEGO Marvel sets hitting the shelves in the last couple of weeks, one definitely stood out as a must have for


15 Years Of TT Games Awesomeness – My...

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For those of you that have followed the YouTube channel, I’ve been doing my retrospective series on TT LEGO Games for some time now, replaying