Sonic Superstars – LEGO Fun Pack DLC Trailer
Sonic Superstars Trailers

Sonic Superstars – LEGO Fun Pack DLC Trailer

Sonic the hedgehog and friends are getting the LEGO treatment once more in the last game in the franchise Sonic Superstars.

A new DLC has been released which provides the playable characters with new LEGO-based skins and the trailer shows the bricked up heroes in action.

There will be two DLCs available:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Skins – FREE
  • LEGO Fun Pack DLC (Inc. Tails, Knuckles and Amy) – £3.99, though prices may differ depending on the digital platform 
With the DLCs you’ll be able to play through the entire game in LEGO form, a must for many fans who last saw Sonic take on a video game bricked up form in LEGO Dimensions Year 2, a personal favourite of mine.

The DLCs are available for download now and can be purchased, along with the core game, from all major digital games platforms.

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