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LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 17 –...

Feb 16, 2019No Comments

“To understand your future you must go back to your ninja roots.” LEGO Games Retrospective, looking back over the last decade and a bit of


Adventures in LEGO Dimensions #1 – Ni...

Sep 03, 2018No Comments

Adventures in LEGO Dimensions is a new series we’re running on YouTube, heading back into the franchise-mashing worlds of LEGO’s epic toys-to-life game. Running from

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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Announced

Jun 29, 2017No Comments

TT Games have and Warner Bros. Interactive have announced The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game. Based on the movie of the same name, the game will see players


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LEGO Dimensions – Lloyd Fun Pack #71241 [...

May 14, 2016No Comments

Back in January, I wrote a review for a LEGO Ninjago fun pack, wave three’s Sensei Wu and at the time, I confessed to not


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LEGO Dimensions – Sensei Wu Fun Pack ...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments

I’d be a liar if I claimed to be knowledgeable of the LEGO Ninjago franchise, but luckily I have a seven-year-old assistant to fill me in