LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Jokerland #76035 [Review]
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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Jokerland #76035 [Review]

Over the last decade, LEGO Batman has become one of the toy company’s most successful properties, with multiple toy sets, three highly successful video games and now even a stand-alone big-budget Hollywood movie in the works, the Dark Knight in brick form is doing exceptionally well for himself.

Pieces: 1037
Set Number: 76035
Minifigures: Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
RRP: £89.99/$$119.99

The success of the character is driven by not only LEGO enthusiasts but also comic book fans, meaning that the character has a large fan-base at its disposal. This appeal means that LEGO is constantly refreshing the theme, bringing out new sets with new designs to keep those loyal fans happy. As those who visit our website regularly will know by now, my fellow writer, Andrew, and I are both LEGO mad and comic book geeks, these sets are made for us.

Two new sets featuring Batman have hit the shelves in recent weeks, LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – The Batboat Pursuit and LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Jokerland, and with Andrew having already reviewed the former, I have the pleasure of the latter.

At the upper-end of LEGOs price range, this is a large set featuring more than a thousand pieces, eight minifigures and an instruction manual so thick it looks like it could give War and Peace a run for its money.

As the name would suggest, the theme of the set is an amusement park which Joker has taken control of with the help of a few of his villainous friends. With Batman’s allies in danger, the Dark Knight must head into battle in his newly designed, and awesome looking, Batmobile.


The all-important minifigures included can make or break a LEGO set, not least so with the comic book themed sets from DC and Marvel. Jokerland doesn’t disappoint here, with an impressive eight minifigures on offer, including some exclusive to this set, this may be the best lineup I’ve ever seen included in one package.

If you’re new to LEGO Batman and looking to start a collection then this may be the best set to start with given the inclusion of four DC superheroes and four established villains from the Batman comics. With the set as a whole made up of four independent ride sections, the minifigures are paired off with one bad guy to each superhero; Batman and The Joker go head to head, Beast Boy faces off against Penguin, Starfire takes on Poison Ivy and fan favourite Harley Quinn gives the boy wonder a run for his money.

Much like the other new addition to the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes line, the Batman minifigure is a new variant of the caped crusader. The differences, as always with the character variants of Batman, are subtle but add appeal for collectors. The torso piece is the same used in the 2015 sets with the modern dark grey design, black bat logo and yellow utility belt. Also matching the Batboat variant is the new open-mouth cowl and soft material cape. I’m a fan of these new designs, the cowl now offers a lot more space for the facial features to show and the cape material adds additional quality to the overall minifigure.

The key difference in this variant is the dual-moulded legs, a new addition which uses two different coloured sections through plastic rather than print detail. The Deathstroke minifig in the Batboat set has a similar set-up and while it looks great on that character I’m not sure the same can be said about the black and grey look on the Dark Knight, it looks a little odd. Accessories-wise, Batman is equipped with a Batarang and the now obligatory super jumper piece, familiar to anyone who has purchased a superhero set recently.

The Joker minifigure is the real let-down from the lineup, not because it is in any way bad but purely because it’s a standard stock figure and nothing special – given the entire set is built around the character this is incredibly disappointing. The torso features the familiar purple suit with waistcoat and bowtie, this piece has been used a couple of times, originally made for 2014s steamroller set. The other parts of the minifigure have been used in multiple sets and include the all-purple legs, white head and green clip-on hairpiece. The minifigure comes with a small pistol and custard pie accessory.

Unlike his crime-fighting mentor and partner, the Robin minifigure of Jokerland is very different from the New 52 inspired design found in the bat boat set. Based on the Teen Titans Robin, the Dick Grayson classic look is very prominent here. His torso is unique to this set, featuring the brighter green and red colouring of the classic Robin, with the printed detail on the main body piece including the yellow belt and a more rounded ‘R’ symbol. Much like the Batman figure, Robin also features a new soft material cape, though in classic yellow this time to match the Teen Titans theme. The head and hairpiece are recycled parts from previous variations on the character but all go together to create a great looking Robin minifigure which long-term fans of the character will be pleased with.

Paired with the boy wonder is a fan favourite and pseudo-love interest to Joker, Harley Quinn. Another exclusive to this set, the minifig design seems to have taken inspiration from both the New 52 and classic 90s Harley to create something that is modern, relevant and most importantly, kid-friendly. The torso print features Quinn’s signature red and black corset with the legs completing the outfit with red and black hotpants and the dual moulded plastic for the mismatched knee-length boots. While the white head is very similar in design to the Jokers standard, the black and red jester hat, synonymous with 90s Harley is a unique mould which looks superb. Harley’s famous oversized mallet is the perfect accessory to complete the look, it’s a great minifigure that will appeal to fans.

Next up in the lineup is another well-known bad guy from the comics, Penguin. This minifigure is very similar to previous versions of the character, the torso originally used in 2013’s Arkham Asylum set. Featuring the standard dinner jacket, purple bow-tie ensemble, the head, legs and hat are also recycled from previous versions. Despite the lack of originality, the minifigure is still one of the best looking in the LEGO DC franchise, the look completed perfectly with Penguin’s signature umbrella.

Up against the Penguin is another exclusive to the set and a first for LEGO, Beast Boy. Continuing the Teen Titan theme, Beast Boy is a fan-favourite that has been requested in LEGO form for some time now, the torso and legs feature a black and purple design with a similar detail design to that of Batman and dual-moulded legs. The head and hairpiece, both green, fit together to give the minifigure something you don’t see often in LEGO, ears, it’s a similar design to that used for the Elves in LEGO Lord of the Rings and works perfectly to bring the full character to the bricked universe.

The last duo in the collection is an all-female battle between a classic villain and another Teen Titan. Poison Ivy makes another welcomed appearance in a LEGO DC set, having been a part of both the Arkham Asylum and Batcave sets previously. The design of the minifigure is identical to those sets, with Ivy’s distinctive foliage outfit printing on the torso and legs and hairpiece complete with printed leaves. Accessory wise, Poison Ivy comes with a plastic whip which allows you to connect the character to the set pieces in a mid-air pose.

Battling Ivy is newcomer Starfire, who much like Beast Boy is a fan-favourite from the Teen Titans. While the character looks great as a minifigure, the design is very different from her non-LEGO counterpart. The torso and legs have a unique purple and white design printed on them, with the facial features on the head having bright green eyes. Though different in colour, the hairpiece used to complete the minifigures look is the same as that used for Mrs Scratchen-Post in the LEGO movie. The minifigure comes with green disks which attach to her hands to simulate her energy superpower.

The Batmobile

The Batmobile is quite simply a thing of beauty and definitely, the highlight of the Jokerland set as a whole. An exclusive to this set, the new design isn’t based on any particular version of the Dark Knights vehicle, although it’s clear to see that some influence has come from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie with a small cockpit and long front. Much like that movie Batmobile, this design has a turbine on the front concealing missile launchers, admittedly in LEGO form, they’re spring-loaded and plastic but never-the-less still awesome.

The mechanism for the missile launcher is brilliantly designed and yet so simple, with two hidden push-down buttons on the hood of the car. In addition, the Batmobile also has two rear stud shooters, again simple, yet perfectly designed to blend in with the main features. For those that aren’t a fan of stickers, great news because there’s only two so it’s a minimal annoyance that won’t slow you down.

The build quality is LEGO at it’s best, this isn’t one of those designs that will fall apart if knocked to the ground, this is a sturdy piece of kit, which is great for parents and collectors alike. The only downside I can find with the Batmobile is the complex build, this one takes a while to put together, which isn’t a problem for adults but those at the lower end of the target audience may struggle.

Given the unique design, great look and fantastic build, the Batmobile adds a lot to the value of this set overall and along with the minifigures will be a major selling point for collectors.

The Rides

The amusement park setting is made up of four independent ride sets, ranging in size and design, each themed around a specific bad guy.

In build order, first up is Harley’s Wheel of Fire high wire. This is the simplest build from the four rides, comprised of two towers connected by a single strip of bricks to simulate a tightrope which Harley can ride her motorcycle across. The ‘rope’ itself is made up of Harley’s black and red colours and around 40-50 studs long. Despite being three bricks thick though, it seems quite flimsy, even slight bowing in the middle.

The main tower has a stickered sign – yay more stickers – on the top which is hinged to the platform allowing it to be pulled back as a trigger point. The Super Jumper features are very prominent in the set as a whole, with this ride allowing you to launch a minifigure at the sign sending the motorcycle along the tightrope. The bike is connected via a bracket which allows freedom to move back and forth without falling off. The bottom of the bracket also has two exposed studs which allow you to connect a minifig upside down under the bike, perhaps a certain boy wonder?

Next up in our amusement park of doom, Poison Ivy’s Carnivore Free Fall, based on those fairground rides you’ve surely seen which take you slowly up to the top of a tall tower before you plummet without warning. Ivy has of course done some redecorating as the ride now features some foliage at the base and a Little Shop of Horrors style Venus Flytrap at the top. Much like Harley’s ride, the stickered sign at the top works as the Super Jumper trigger which when hit sends the platform heading south. It’s a simplistic design, but one that works incredibly well and makes this one of the most visually pleasing aspects of the Jokerland set.

Next up, this villain has found a conveniently relevant vertical carousel to take over. Penguin’s Deadly Rubber Duckies – yep that’s what it’s called – consists of three duck-shaped cars, attached to a counsel arm, very similar in design to a number of sets such as the LEGO Spongebob Glove World. The setting for this ride is an icy Arctic environment, complete with a couple of sharks. No Super Jumper function this time but there is still a stickered sign to put up. It’s a nice addition, with plenty of interactivity for play. The piece also includes dynamite accessories for that extra level of danger in the scene.

Finally, to the clown prince of crime himself, Joker’s Funhouse. With the exception of the incredibly stunning Batmobile, this is where the majority of your build time will be, it’s the largest single piece and is a fun build despite requiring the majority of the stickers. It’s a well designed, colourful addition with the giant clowns head centrepiece which interestingly uses LEGO trees for the hair, it looks great. The hat, eyes and bowtie are all connected to gears which can be rotated, though sadly not in sync as they’re all independently controlled. The Super Jumper feature returns once more but this time via the mouth of the head.  With Joker placed in the open mouth, a knock from a certain caped crusader sends the clown hurtling down a new slide element and into the gunge tank below.

Also included as part of this set there are a couple of extras to fill the gaps between rides. Joker’s Shoot-o-matic cannon is a brilliant addition, it’s a quick fun build with stunningly colourful pieces. The cannon is also capable of actually firing cannon balls, which is a plus for additional play value. We also get a clown robot to man the cannon, while simple in design, it’s a great inclusion as an extra character. Joker isn’t the only one with an extra side-kick, Penguin has brought along his own dynamite carrying penguin.

The Set Overall

Overall, LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Jokerland is a fantastic addition to the LEGO Batman collection. With the best line-up of minifigures I’ve ever seen in one set and possibly the best design of a LEGO Batmobile, there is a lot of value in this set from the collector’s point of view. Predominantly, though, this isn’t a set for collectors, it’s a set for those who want a great build-time and even greater playtime.

With so much emphasis on incorporating the Super Jumper features into every part of the set, it’s clear that playability is the key thing here. With four unique rides to play with, each with their own independent features, this is a set that will keep kids happy for hours – after the hours you’ve spent helping them put the thing together.

My only major gripe with the set is the price vs the end product, yes you get 1000+ pieces and an army of minifigures but the individual rides seem a little disappointing as individual products. When you bring the set together, yes it looks great but it doesn’t feel like a £90 set. That said, as a collector, I’d pay half the asking price purely for the Batmobile and Batman, I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

If you’re buying this to enjoy with your kids then you cannot go wrong and I highly recommend it, if you’re buying it as a collector looking to display it, besides the Batmobile, you may be disappointed.


  • The minifigure collection is second to none
  • The Batmobile design is one of LEGO’s best
  • A smorgasbord of playable parts


  • Great as a full set but individual rides are a little underwhelming
  • Stickers, stickers everywhere
  • It’s an expensive set

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