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LEGO Announces BrickHeadz Rocket And Groot

Just when you thought that the Infinity War hype was slowing down, LEGO go and announce that two of the fan favourites from the movie are getting the BrickHeadz treatment. That’s right, LEGO today announced that Rocket and Groot are coming soon to the BrickHeadz theme. Check out the glorious first image released on the company’s

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New LEGO Harry Potter Sets Announced

LEGO fans, it’s time to dust off those wands, grab your broomsticks and raid your vault at Gringotts, because there are new Harry Potter sets on the horizon. In July, the wondrous wizard world will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and with love for the ‘Boy who lived’ as strong as ever, thanks in part to the

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LEGO Ghostbusters BrickHeadz Announced

Who ya gonna call? BRICKHEADZ! LEGO took to social media today to announce that Ghostbusters BrickHeadz are coming. While no specific release date was confirmed, we do know that Peter Venkman and Slimer will be the first (and possibly only) pair of Ghostbusters BrickHeadz coming. Take a look at the awesomeness below: Of course, this isn’t

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