LEGO Announces BrickHeadz Rocket And Groot
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LEGO Announces BrickHeadz Rocket And Groot

Just when you thought that the Infinity War hype was slowing down, LEGO go and announce that two of the fan favourites from the movie are getting the BrickHeadz treatment.

That’s right, LEGO today announced that Rocket and Groot are coming soon to the BrickHeadz theme. Check out the glorious first image released on the company’s social media.

No word yet as to the release date for the duo, but given LEGO’s recent record for previews followed by releases, early August would be a good guess.

LEGO has been aggressively growing their cast of licensed BrickHeadz this year. Following last year’s successful launch, 2018 has seen the likes of Ghostbusters, the Incredibles and Back to the Future already released. Rocket and Groot are definitely a welcomed addition.

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