Nintendo and LEGO Have Finally Teamed Up – LEGO Mario Is Coming!
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Nintendo and LEGO Have Finally Teamed Up – LEGO Mario Is Coming!

After a brief tease on social media earlier this week, Nintendo and LEGO have finally unveiled their combined work with a trailer showing off Super Mario’s first official release in LEGO form.

Some speculated a LEGO game may be coming, others expected a set or two, what we’re apparently getting, however, appears to be something of a hybrid. The innovation continues LEGO’s more recent form of integrating technology into the traditional bricks to create something new. Unlike the Hidden Side releases, though, there’s a lot more in the physical world rather than virtual using augmented reality.

What we appear to get here is a Mario World in brick form that integrates low-res screens directly into the Mario figure itself. The primary screen in the chest interacts with the actions of the player has they navigate the Nintendo inspired sets, taking on goombas and koopas.

The new line is definitely an interesting change from the norm, but with this clearly aimed at much younger LEGO fans, will it impress the older generation of hardcore Mario and LEGO fans? Only time will tell. For now, though, enjoy the trailer.

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