LEGO The Friends Apartments Officially Unveiled
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LEGO The Friends Apartments Officially Unveiled

OH. MY. GAWD!!!!

Having been teased only a few days ago, LEGO have today officially announced the release of a new set based on 90’s sitcom Friends. Making the announcement via social media, the toy company revealed that the new set will be based on the iconic apartment sets from the show and launching in just a few weeks.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Central Perk set from 2019, LEGO The Friends Apartments massively expands the theme with over 2000 pieces.

At a cost of £134.99 ($149.99 US), the set not only features Monica’s apartment, but also Joey and Chandler’s, as well as a section of hallway linking them. In addition, there are new variants of all of the main cast, and as an added bonus, Chandler’s on again off again girlfriend Janice will be making her LEGO debut.

Much like the Central Perk set, there are plenty of Easter Eggs and nods to iconic episodes in the set, from the giant poking device, to Gladys the “painting”, as well as series mainstays such as the Joey and Chandler’s reclining chairs.

This is quite literally, the ultimate Friends fan set.


Also of note is the set design, as much like the Central Perk set, it includes studio equipment such as lighting indicating that this is a LEGO set of a TV show stage set (if that makes sense).

Either way, lots to get excited about.

If you’re a VIP, you’ll be able to purchase the set on May 19th, with it going on general release June 1st.

With this and the new Harry Potter sets coming, it’s going to be an expensive couple of weeks.

Find out more about the set on the official LEGO page.


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