LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – A Loki Entrance Minikits Guide

This video will guide you through LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. The guide will show you where to find all of the Minikits, Character TokensStan Lee, and the Red Brick for this level.

Like most LEGO games, there are 10 minikits to be found on each level and the video will show you how to find them all.

Red Brick (00:21): Free Play
As soon as the level begins, head down to the lower platform and to the left to find the Collector. Fly up to the right side of the catwalk in the starting area and use mind control to get the henchman in the room to pull the switch. A toy rocket will drop at your feet, pick it up and take it to The Collector.

Character Token#1 (01:27): Free Play
In the lower area, trigger the Shield Switch with Captain America’s shield.

Minikit #1 (02:00): Free Play
In the lower area use Hulk to pry open the red box with the Green Strength Handles.

Minikit #2 (02:20): Free Play
Back up on the catwalk, hit the target on the right side to reveal the minikit.

Minikit #3 (02:38): Free Play
At the other end of the catwalk, you’ll find an Electricity Terminal for Thor to charge up, revealing the minikit.

Minikit #4 (04:44): Free Play
Use Ultron’s power on the object within the gold gyroscope on the right side of the room.

Minikit #5 (05:00): Free Play
Head down the stairs near Loki’s first position and follow the walkway to the end where you’ll find a broken machine. Use Tony Stark or Ultron to fix it.

Character Token#2 (05:36): Free Play
Before you finish off all the Loki illusions, use the Speed Boost Pad on the right side of the room.

Stan Lee (06:00): Free Play
Use Hulk or Thor to punch open the cracked wall of the van.

Minikit #6 (06:34): Free Play
Trigger the Shield Switch in the back left corner of the garage and use Scarlet Witch’s/Vision’s power to use the red key to unlock the safe.

Minikit #7 (07:06): Free Play
Send Vision through the vent in the back right corner of the garage, the minikit is right on the other side.

Minikit #8 (07:19): Free Play
After turning on the sprinklers, use the SHIELD Terminal with  a character who can access Hydra terminals like Ultron.

Minikit #9 (08:36): Free Play
Use a laser to cut through the gold wall in the room on the left.

Character Token#3 (09:30): Free Play
Use Hawkeye to shatter the glass of the red box on the right wall.

Minikit #10 (09:45): Story Mode
You’ll see the final Minikit in the first part of the tunnel chase. Make sure you’re controlling the driver so you can steer into it.

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