LEGO Daily Bugle – City Integration and Lighting
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LEGO Daily Bugle – City Integration and Lighting

It probably hasn’t escaped any LEGO Marvel fans attention that this week saw the general release of the LEGO Daily Bugle set, a 3700+ piece of modular awesomeness. Towering over every LEGO Modular that’s come before, this was a great build with an unbelieve collection of Marvel related minifigures included.

Integration this behemoth into my city has not been easy, with the removal of a shelve coming soon, but I think I’ve come up with something that works well.

In addition to the build itself, I’ve also added LED lighting to the Bugle, much like I’ve done with the rest of my city, and given the number of windows in this building, it looks absolutely stunning.

The video below is just a quick short to show the progress.

I’ll be working on something a bit more detailed shortly, but for now, here’s a taster.

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