LEGO Dimensions – The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack #71264 [Review]
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LEGO Dimensions – The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack #71264 [Review]

Following his star turn in 2014’s The LEGO Movie, the Dark Knight has returned to the big screen in spectacular form. The LEGO Batman movie sees the bricked action turn to Gotham City as the Joker (and every other DC character imaginable) unleashes a plan to prove he is Batman’s most dangerous enemy.

Developer:  TT Games
Publisher:  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Set Number:  71264
Release Date: Out Now

At the time of writing this review, the movie has been out five days and it’s safe to say that the Caped Crusader’s solo LEGO outing has been a success. The LEGO Batman movie is currently sitting in the number one spot on both the UK and US box-office charts and has seen a plethora of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. You can read our fantastically spoiler free review here.

The movie has, of course, spawned a range of tie-in sets, brilliantly recreating some of the best bits of the movie, but LEGO has another ace up their sleeve when it comes to spreading the Dark Knight joy, LEGO Dimensions.

Series two of the toy-to-life Goliath saw the introduction of the Story Packs, feature length add-on packs based on major movie releases which even come with their own custom portal scenery. Following the big blockbuster packs, Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, comes LEGO’s first home brewed story pack franchise, The LEGO Batman Movie.

Following two brilliant themed toy-hub builds, the LEGO Batman movie brings us the Bat-Computer. At first glance, this new facade looks a little bare compared to what the previous story packs gave us, but where it lacks it some places, it more than makes up for in others.

Of course, it’s probably a lot easier to create a toy for something when you can create a direct like-for-like copy of the design, but even so, the main computer console is stunning. The clever use of triangular pieces and clips to create the bat symbol make this 30-minute build an incredibly fun experience.

I’m a little bit disappointed by the reuse of the same printed screen console panel, the same design is used six times is this design and, while looking great from a distance with the different panels rotated, seems a little lazy and a little more detail and colour would have been appreciated. The main body of the Bat-Computer is connected via an ‘L’ shaped Technics attachment on the back. Considering it’s a singular connection, it is surprisingly sturdy. The bottom half of the wings then clip on either side with the top half clipped to that. What this gives you is a fairly flexible creation which can be angled is a number of different ways.

Leading out of the base of the computer is a simple black border around the central toy pad, nothing too special, but adding to the suggestion that the character in that spot is in control of the large machine. To the left of the computer, you’ll give a 2×2 base on a hinge so that is can be set at an angle. This panel is a basic weapons holder, with clips for a Batarang and two guns. On the other side is a similarly hinged piece, featuring that same computer console panel.

The design is a little spartan compared to the Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts builds, but that’s partly down to being the first of the three to not be a recreation of the full side of a building. Nevertheless, this will surely please Batman fans. It also looks awesome with any of the movie tie-in sets you may already own.

Moving on to the minifigures included in the set, and for the first time in a story pack, there are two included, Batgirl and Robin. But where is Batman?, I hear you ask. Well, rather than include a new version of the character you get with the starter pack, you can just use that toy in-game and the LEGO Batman movie version will appear on-screen – kudos on that idea, while I would have loved another Batman figure to add to my ever growing collection, I’d much rather have two characters I don’t currently own at all.

With designs plucked straight from the movie, Batgirl and Robin look amazing and given how neither has appeared in any variant thus far in LEGO Dimensions, this is a real treat for those looking to extend their collection of whacky characters.

Beginning with Batgirl, a.k.a. Barbara Gordon, this minifigure could have been taken straight from the Adam West era and damn, does it look brilliant. The purple and yellow ensemble works exceptionally well in LEGO form, from the dual-coloured legs to the large purple cowl with added ponytail. As an avid fan of 60’s Batman, I adore this minifigure. One thing of note, for those not familiar with the new Batman sets, is the added utility belt piece which fits between the legs and torso. I first came across it reviewing one of the tie-in sets which saw Batman take on Mr. Freeze.

Much like Batman’s figure, it’s a great addition to Batgirl, removing the need for a printed belt and there adding more space to the torso for other detail. Speaking of which, the torso design comes complete with the now standard female waist curves (still don’t honestly see the point) with a vertical silver band down each side, a chest emblem and the vague outline of the bat emblem, from the shoulders down to the center.

Sadly, we don’t get a soft material cape, a consistency across the LEGO Dimensions figures. Finally, the head, which is mostly purple to go with the cowl piece, features a fairly generic face on the slightly darker skin tone of the character from the movie.

In-game Batgirl has very similar skills for Batman. Her abilities include Batarang, grapple, rope Swing, detective mode, stealth, and glide. The big one in that list is detective mode, which features three different sub-modes based on where on the toy pad the character is sitting. Overall, Batgirl works well as a Batman replacement (who would want that), allowing you almost all of his skills in a kick-ass female character.

Moving on to poor Robin, Batman’s sidekick taken to the extreme of mockery for his newest outing. What this does mean, though, is we get one very unique design for Robin that features the classic garb, but from the neck up is nothing like the Dick Grayson’s of the past. Ignoring the hair and glasses one-piece, and this is a traditional Robin – well over the years he’s been given trousers in most iterations, but it’s back to just pants for this superhero.

The detail on the torso is impressive, every stitch of the classic design captured brilliantly. with a bold yellow belt just above the green underwear outline. Unsurprisingly, the legs are mostly skin-colour, though feature red boots with a nice defining black outline rather than just a change of colour. Back up to the top of the figure and the head piece is dual-faced, though both facial expressions are incredibly generic. Luckily the aforementioned hair piece adds the unique quality this character needs to stand out.

In-game Robin has some very useful abilities including some fairly common ones such as acrobatic, illumination, fix-it, dive and vent account – which is hilarious in LEGO Batman Movie mode. In addition, he can also change into Nightwing and use additional skills, cutting, laser deflector, pole vault and glide features. Overall, an impressive list of abilities and yet Batman still has no respect for the poor guy.

Vehicle-wise, the set comes with a rather nice micro-build of the movie’s Batwing, Batman’s personal jet of awesomeness. Considering the number of pieces used in its construction, it is incredibly detailed.

With the slightest hint of red sandwiched between the black makes a huge difference in highlighting the different parts of this craft. Two studs of yellow do the same as they hint at the cockpit area. The majority of the Batwing, however, is black and grey, the contrasting of which adds weapons and nose detail.

Turn the craft on its side and you can clearly make out the shape of the bat signal, a little distorted given the micro nature of the build, but it still looks superb.

The thrusters of the back of the model are created using four wheels and while it’s fairly obvious that this detail idea came out of the need to provide pieces of the addition piece configurations, it’s a great look that suits the jet perfectly.

In game the Batwing has a couple of decent abilities, you’re not getting mind-shattering new functionality, but the skills match the theme of the set.

Unsurprisingly, the jet can fly, but also has the ability to use the three wall hooks to pull down structures, something usually reserved for ground-based vehicles. The Batwing also has a handy missile launcher, great for taking out vastness numbers of bad guys from the sky. Finally, the craft can pick up and deliver cargo, or huge ACME-style bombs, as the case may be. Overall, all useful abilities for the Dark Knight, of not really that unique.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are the obligatory additional configurations available to unlock in-game. The Black Thunder is a basic four-wheeler able to use accelerator points and the Bat-Tank adds to that the ability to destroy silver LEGO pieces.

Moving on to what you get as extras in the game from this pack and the answer is simple, awesomeness. I’m determined to keep this as spoiler-free as possible so I won’t go into too much detail regarding the actual contents  of the story, but it is definitely worth seeing the movie before jumping in.

Much like the LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie franchise is perfect for Dimensions as not only is it already a LEGO product, but the concept of a multiverse of different franchises merging is already a part of it. Great if you want to add a few extra heroes on to the toy pad, as not even Sonic the Hedgehogs would look too out of place in this world of chaotic beauty.

The story pack has been broken up the main story into a myriad of stunning scenery across six action-packed levels focused around key points in the movie. The levels themselves are surprisingly extensive, you get through one checkpoint expecting that to be the end of the level and before you know it you’re up against another DC bad guy, it’s thoroughly exhilarating as a Batman fan.

As with other story and level packs, the LEGO Batman movie add-on brings with it its own additional features, a new keystone, and some character specific panels to play with. The new keystone is incredibly fun once you get the hang of it. Working on the multi-dimensional concept, the keystone opens three portals to other dimensions and brings in full structures for you to use to overcome a puzzle depending on what pad of the toy pad your character is on.

The cut-scenes between each level have been cleverly selected to not give away too much of the movie, with only hints are the bigger plot of the whole story. Still, as I’ve already mentioned, you should consider watching the movie first.

In addition to the multi-level story pack, the LEGO Batman movie also gets its own hub-world, despite there already being worlds for The LEGO Movie and DC Comics. This new world is essentially a recreation of Gotham City with the usual side missions to play. Again, using the starter pack Batman gives you LEGO Batman Movie Batman in-game.

Overall, The LEGO Batman Movie story pack speaks for itself, with like for like design recreations there is very little you can find flaws in when it comes to the physical LEGO side. That said, this is the smallest of the Toy pad builds and that spartan look might disappoint some fans.

The minifigures are superb, offering two wonderfully camp looking characters that both come with some impressive skill sets. The addition of LEGO Batman movie Batman with the reuse of the starter pack Batman is a genius bonus, meaning that another version of the Dark Knight wasn’t included over the two characters which ended up in the pack.

The in-game benefits are way up there with the best that LEGO Dimensions has offered in the 17 months since its arrival. Much like the movie itself, the levels are jam-packed with references from Batman’s lengthy history, more than enough mocking of said history and a couple of fun cameos along the way.

If you enjoyed the LEGO Batman Movie, you’re going to love this pack.

This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.


  • The minifigures are stunning, the micro-build Batwing looks superb and the way that starter pack Batman turns into LEGO Movie Batman is genius
  • The levels are immense and filled to the brim with nods to Batman fans
  • The new features, such as the new keystone, are really fun to master


  • The Bat-Computer’s build is a little spartan compared to previous Toy Pad builds.

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