Lego Ghostbusters

LEGO Ghostbusters BrickHeadz Announced

May 15, 2018No Comments

Who ya gonna call? BRICKHEADZ! LEGO took to social media today to announce that Ghostbusters BrickHeadz are coming. While no specific release date was confirmed,



LEGO Dimensions – Ghostbusters (2016) Sto...

Oct 02, 2016No Comments

When there’s something strange in your LEGO multiverse, who you gonna call? Well a few months ago I’d have said, not Paul Feig, I admit



LEGO Dimensions – Slimer Fun Pack #71241 ...

May 13, 2016No Comments

Who ya gonna call? Certainly not Paul Feig after that woeful trailer for the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. Luckily, fans of the original hit movies have had an



LEGO Dimensions – Stay Puft Fun Pack #712...

Mar 21, 2016No Comments

While the trailer for the new all-female Ghostbusters movie may have fans of the franchise split on opinions, there is a place where they can