New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions #4: Lord of the Rings
Adventures in LEGO Dimensions LEGO Dimensions

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions #4: Lord of the Rings

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions

YOU SHALL NOT PASS...Without help from Superman

A series I started in 2018, Adventures in LEGO Dimensions, returns for a reboot. The series sees each episode focused on a different franchise hub world and this new series will continue the game from my Let’s Play series on the hunt for the 100%.

Part 4 of this series will see us heading to Middle-Earth on a mission to rebuild statues, save Hobbits, take down Mordor’s security cameras, and provide backup for the Balrog.

There’s 28 gold bricks to find, a handful of Tolkien inspired missions, and a beautiful world of magic, monsters, and fellowships to explore.

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