New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 2: Scooby Doo
Adventures in LEGO Dimensions LEGO Dimensions

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 2: Scooby Doo

New Adventures in LEGO Dimensions

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you? Oh you're battling LEGO monsters.

A series I started in 2018, Adventures in LEGO Dimensions, returns for a reboot. The series sees each episode focused on a different franchise hub world and this new series will continue the game from my Let’s Play series on the hunt for the 100%.

Part 2 of this series will see us heading on a mystery adventure with Scooby Doo, in a dark and spooky hub world featuring a haunted house, abandoned fairground, collapsed mine and ship wrecks under the sea.

27 gold bricks to find, 1 red brick of unknown power, missions to complete, let’s go solve a mystery…

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