Let’s Play LEGO Dimensions #12 – Prime Time
LEGO Dimensions Let's Play LEGO Dimensions

Let’s Play LEGO Dimensions #12 – Prime Time

Let's Play LEGO Dimensions

A Visit to Dimension Prime

We’re nearing the end of the core story and it’s time to visit the Prime Dimension. An ever-changing path awaits our heroes as they head into the unknown to face off again Lord Vortech.

Luckily, a few of our newly made friends from across the multiverse will be stopping by to help

Mystery Mansion Mash-Up includes:

  • Keystones galore!
  • Stay Puft saves the day
  • Daleks, Cybermen, LexBots, Orcs, Ninjas, you name it.
  • Oh, did I mention keystones?

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