LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures –  The Hunt for Sir Richard 100% Guide
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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures –  The Hunt for Sir Richard 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure, The Last Crusade – level 1, The Hunt for Sir Richard.

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

Each level of the game requires you to complete the following:

  • Find TEN Treasures
  • A Parcel (Red Brick)

In addition, some level have characters to find, and when required, these will be noted as well.

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The Last Crusade

Level 1 - The Hunt for Sir Richard

Treasure #1 (00:23):
In the first area, switch to a female character and climb the rope near the start. Destroy the windows at the back and you will find the treasure inside.

Treasure #2 (00:33):
On the other side of the bridge, destroy all of the objects at the back to reveal a crawl hatch. Switch to a small character and crawl through the hatch. Once up on the ledge above, walk to the left past the lever and into the walkway above the canal. You will find the treasure there.

Parcel (Red Brick) – Parcel Detector (01:17):
From the previous treasure, pull the lever near the hatch to open the canal gate. Swim through to the new area and use the Indy point to pull down the parcel. The postbox is on the right. You’ll need to destroy the wall panel on the left to activate a lift that’ll allow you to navigate over.

Treasure #3 (02:47):
On the far right of the first area, destroy everything in the garage, this will cause a number of cones to drop down. Next, shatter the glass and jump on one of the bikes and ride over all of the cones for the treasure.

Treasure #4 (03:17):
Inside the library, head to the back left and destroy everything around the statue, then rebuild the push path and push the statue on to the pressure pad. Next head up to ledge above and grab a sword and jump on the ledge to the left and cut the ropes to get the treasure.

Treasure #5 (04:54):
Once you’ve completed the X and you head up to the upper right ledge, destroy the three silver-bricked covers for the code you need for the treasure. The code is  VII, V, III. Use the villain point to open a section with a code machine. Enter that code for the treasure.

Treasure #6 (06:16):
The crypt area, there are five skeletons to find. Watch the video above for the specific locations. Once you find find, a brief cut-scene will show the treasure to confirm how many skeletons you’ve found. Five all five the gate will open so you can get the treasure.

Treasure #7 (08:34):
Further along the crypt path, once you use Indy to swing over some water, climb up the ladder at the back and use one character, as a female character, to hand on the rope, and a small character with the other player to use the crawl hatch that appears. Up at the top, dig up the dig spot to get to the switch below that will unlock the treasure. 

Treasure #8 (09:31):
In the final part of the crypt, before the finish, push the large coffin-like block over to the right and jump up to the higher ledge. Push the block up there to the end, but not over the edge just yet. Instead, jump on top and up to the treasure.

Treasure #9 (09:51):
In the boat section, there are ten buoys to destroy around the area. Run into all ten for the treasure.

Treasure #10 (11:06):
Still in the boat section, head to the far right and jump to the platform and fix the crane. Jump inside and pick up the other character and drop him over the fence at the back. Use the hang-bar to lower the box on the right, raising the one on the left. Climb to the top of the tower on the left. Destroy the silver-bricked cover and head down to the treasure. 

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