LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – Into the Mountains 100% Guide
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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – Into the Mountains 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark – level 2, Into the Mountains.

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

Each level of the game requires you to complete the following:

  • Find TEN Treasures
  • A Parcel (Red Brick)

In addition, some level have characters to find, and when required, these will be noted as well.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Level 2 - Into the Mountains

Treasure #1 (00:23):
In the tavern, on the left, there is a female character double jump to pull a ladder down. Head up to the higher ledge and across to the right. Hit the switch to release some barrels below that will reveal the Treasure.

Treasure #2 (01:01):
On the right, there’s a fireplace with two ropes hanging from either side. The front rope will lower the grate around the fire, the back rope will put out the fire and reveal the Treasure.

Parcel (Red Brick) – Super Slap (01:22):
As soon as you’re outside, head to the left and use the villain point to open the door to the hut. Head in, climb up the ladder and grab the box and place it on the green plate below. Build the loose pieces into a grappling hook and hang from it. Get the other character to hang on the rope on the other side of the fireplace and “Santa” will run out of the fireplace and hut. Head outside and you’ll find the parcel just to the right, with the post-box just right of it.

Treasure #3 (02:19):
Just outside the same hut, there’s a dig spot. Dig up all of the pieces and then build them into a snowmobile. Right the vehicle through the gates that appear for the Treasure.

Treasure #4 (03:11):
From the previous minikit, head back left and you’ll see a hut with a silver-bricked gate on the front door. Destroy it and head in for the Treasure.

Treasure #5 (03:21):
There are three snowmen to find and build for the Treasure.

  1. Next to the post-box, there’s a pile of wood. Destroy it and build the pieces into the snowman.
  2. On the far right, there’s a cave with a silver bricked gate over the front. In here, destroy the barrel and rebuild the pieces into the snowman.
  3. After the you cross the bridge, light the dynamite at the back and build the pieces into the snowman.

Treasure #6 (04:03):
In next area, destroy the rocks against the back wall to find a crawl hatch. Head through and then Indy swing over to the Treasure.

Star Wars Character – Luke Skywalker (04:24):
Head right and at the point where the large ice crossing collapses, drop to the bottom. There’s a treasure down there up on a ledge covered in ice. Destroy the ice, this will release Luke from a nearby cave.

Treasure #7 (04:56):
After Luke is released, use a female character to jump up to the ledge and grab the treasure.

Treasure #8 (05:03):
In the cave, right at the end of the first section, there’s a wall puzzle, complete it and then jump up to get the revealed treasure.

Treasure #9 (05:25):
On your way out of cave, grab a torch. Head to the far end near the bridge and up the steps to light the large lamp for the Treasure.

Treasure #10 (05:44):
Jump on the (what I assume is a) Llama, and ride it to the pressure pad in front of the door. This will activate the elevator to the left. Jump on and over the gate to the left. Fix the machine and then destroy the gate. Head out and to the left and destroy the crate. Grab the object from the grate and carry it to the machine you just repaired and place it where the arrow indicates. The treasure will appear.

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