LEGO The Hobbit – Greatest Kingdom in Middle-Earth 100% Guide
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LEGO The Hobbit – Greatest Kingdom in Middle-Earth 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO The Hobbit Level 1 – Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth.

The video will show you what is required to 100% the level with additional detail below for each part. Each level of the core story requires you to collect the following:

  • Ten Minikits
  • Four Treasures
  • A blacksmith design

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Minikit #1 (00:36):
From the beginning of the level, as you head down the first set of stairs, you’ll see targets to hit on the giant dwarf statues and wall. There are five to hit for the minikit.

Minikit #2 (01:12):
Once you’re passed the stairs, have distracted the guards and got into the next room, head to the far right. There is a pile of boxes and a minecart next to them. Destroy the minecart and build a fire point. Use Sam to light the fire and reveal the minikit.

Minikit #3 (01:37):
Once in the large forging room, head to the left and destroy the first weapon stand against the wall. The minikit is behind it.

Minikit #4 (01:47):
In the forge room, head to the right to find a large cage with two targets on it. Shoot the targets to open the cage and then destroy what’s inside for the minikit.

Minikit #5 (02:07):
There are five large hanging fixtures around the walls of the large forge room. Destroy all five for the minikit.

Minikit #6 (03:33):
Once in the mine, head to the right and towards the cliff edge. There is a dig spot which contains a crank to use of the crane. Use the crank to retrieve the minikit.

Minikit #7 (04:21):
Once out of the mine and into the main palace area, destroy all the debris and head to the far right to find a large silver gate. Use Saruman to destroy it for the minikit.

Minikit #8 (04:41):
Once down the stairs, your’ll see a large wizard column above the fire with the minikit in sight on the other side. Shoot the column with a wizard to put out the fires and get the minikit.

Minikit #9 (04:58):
Once in the vault, you’ll see a golden path on the coins off to the left which leads to a golden cracked wall. Destroy the wall for the minikit.

Minikit #10 (06:09):
In the final part of the level when you’re running from the dragon, stay in the middle. The final doorway has the minikit in the middle of the path for you.

Treasure #1 – Jester’s Crane  (00:18):
As soon as you begin the level, head behind the throne to find a chest that can be pulled open. The treasure is in the chest.

Treasure #2 –  Glowing Hammer (00:57):
Near the beginning of the level, as you descend the second set of stairs, just before you distract the guards, there is a large silver column about halfway down. Destroy it with Saruman for the treasure.

Treasure #3 –  Mining Hat (04:02):
In the mine, head right and towards the cliff edge and you’ll see a rope that you can climb down. In the shaft below is the treasure, use a wizard with light to grab it.

Treasure #4 –  Shield of Song (05:22):
In the vault, you’ll reach a point where you need to swing across coins, near the end of the level. Off to the far right is another platform which you can reach, just before the swing. Follow that path and the catapult the bag target to release a bridge across to a fishing point which can be used to retrieve the treasure.

Blacksmith Design –  Mithril Mirror Armour (02:56):
In the mines, along the back wall there is a target to shoot an arrow in so that an elf can swing up to grab the instructions.


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