Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Bifrosty Reception 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Level 7, Bifrosty Reception.

The video will show you what is required to 100% the level with additional detail below for each part. Each level of the core story requires you to collect the following:

  • Ten Minikits
  • Stan Lee in Peril

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Stan Lee In Peril(00:52)
Once you reach the sword room, to your left you’ll see Stan trapped under a pile of silver bricks. Destroy them to free him.

Minikit #1 (00:17)
During the initial flying sequence, follow the stud rings and you’ll pick this up without trying too hard.

Minikit #2 (00:22)
As soon as you’ve melted the ice around the sword, head behind it for the minikit.

Minikit #3 (00:29)
To the right of the sword, there is a large chest with a pull hook on it. Pull it open and destroy the golden eye that comes out of it for the minikit.

Minikit #4 (01:05)
At the end of the rainbow bridge, the statue on the right has magnetic armour. Pull it down with Magneto for the minikit.

Minikit #5 (01:17)
At the end of the rainbow bridge, the statue on the right has silver-bricked armour, destroy it. This will reveal a grappling hook to pull down the statue for the minikit.

Minikit #6 (01:39)
In the next section, once you’ve dealt with Loki, there are three plants with unfreeze. Unfreeze all three for the minikit:

  1. To the left of your encounter with Loki.
  2. To the left of the golden door with the generator on it.
  3. To the right of the previous plant.

Minikit #7(02:15)
Next to the first plant from the previous minikit, there is a large circular with a section to fly up to. On there is a silver-bricked lid which once destroyed reveals a generator to power. This will reveal the minikit.

Minikit #8(03:05)
Off to the right of the area, in front of the golden door with the generator on top, there is a patch of grass with a dig spot on it. Dig up the minikit.

Minikit #9(03:23)
About halfway through the story path, you’ll notice behind you, there is a bridge which is blocked by ice. Fly over the top of the ice and you’ll find another building. There is a large silver-bricked object to destroy which releases bricks to build a turn-style switch for moving the left statue. Next head to the other side and destroy the pile of rocks, this will release bricks to build the right statue. With both statues in place, the gate will open and then close releasing strong handles that can be places on the gate to reopen it. Once open, this will release bricks so that you can construct the Infinity Gauntlet. Once built, use magic/telekinesis on the gauntlet for the minikit.

Minikit #10(04:46)
In the boss area, there are three golden statues to destroy. One either side of the main fight area and one to the left of Loki which can only be reached once the destroyer is stunned. Destroy all three for the minikit.


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