Speed Build | LEGO Avengers Tower Battle 7666
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Speed Build | LEGO Avengers Tower Battle 7666

The Avengers Tower Battle set, an amazing new release from LEGO which has FINALLY allowed me to get my hands on the infamous Avengers base (I missed out on the Age of Ultron version).

With 5 levels, this tower is huge for it’s price and the minifigure collection that comes with the set is superb.

As I enjoyed the build so much, I thought I’d record it and put it up on here for anyone to take a look at. This should hopefully help you decide if you’re on the fence about whether to purchase this set or not.

Superheroes Iron Man and Black Widow take on the evil Red Skull and his A.I.M. Agents in an epic battle spread over the spectacular, 5-floor Marvel Avengers Tower. The structure opens for easy access to 7 awesome rooms where kids can enjoy endless imaginative adventures: blow out the energy core, blast open the jail, collapse the balcony, launch a rocket attack… the iconic New York skyscraper is packed with role-play possibilities with classic Marvel characters.

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