LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 21 – LEGO Dimensions (Year 2)
LEGO Dimensions Retrospectives

LEGO Games Retrospective Episode 21 – LEGO Dimensions (Year 2)


LEGO Games Retrospective, looking back over the last decade and a bit of TT Games’ LEGO partnership, from the emergence of LEGO Star Wars through to the powerhouse that has been LEGO Dimensions and BEYOND.


LEGO Dimensions (Year 2)

After the first year, TT Games upped the game a bit and released a major new patch which unlocked an entirely new area on the main Voltron level select area called the Shard. This new area opened up a load of new franchises that were joining the game over the coming year and so began the era of LEGO Dimensions year 2.

Now, I spent a lot of the previous video ranting about how unbelievable it was that TT Games managed to pull together the franchise clout that they did. I mean, Doctor Who, Scooby Doo, Jurassic World and The Simpsons all in one game, that was amazing…A dream come true.

But nothing, nothing compared me for what year 2 had on offer…it was EPIC!

Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, Ghostbusters (2016), Fantastic Beasts, The A Team, Knightrider, Beetlejuice, The LEGO Batman Movie, Teen Titans, LEGO City Undercover, Gremlins, the Goonies, and even the Power-puff Girls, THAT’s one hell of a roster! In terms of franchises on offer, the year 2 update is mind blowing when you add it to the already incredible year 1 offerings. Plus if you’re a fan of the 1980’s, I mean, come on, the only thing missing here is Thundercats…

Incredibles on the other hand, gave Pixar it’s time to finally shine, and with all the ingredients for utilising the solid tried and tested mechanics of a TT Games LEGO entry, i.e. Superhero abilities to offer, this was surely a no-brainer. Even if after well over a decade of LEGO franchised games, I still didn’t see this coming.

Overall, LEGO Dimensions had the potential to crash and burn after a majorly successful first year, and while a few of the new franchises feel like an afterthought and thrown in for good measure, the transition to LEGO was superb for a number of the more popular characters.

…seriously Sonic’s addition here is unbelievably brilliant in every way.

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