Let’s Play | Minecraft – The Start of Something…

October 2, 2019

Yes it’s not a LEGO game, but it’s not far off. I’m playing Minecraft for the first time is a REALLLLLY long time and loving it, having fallen in love with it all over again playing it on the Switch.

This is something I’ve been playing around with for a couple of weeks, on and off, not much time spent on it, but I wanted to show you all what I was up and if you’ve got any ideas, let me know.

The start of something special (I hope)

Minecraft, the game that let’s you be as creative as you like and that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

You can expect pixel art, giant LEGO builds and whatever my brain comes up with. That being said, I’m always open to ideas for this world, so please do comment on the video if you have any ideas for what I can add to the madness.

As always, thanks for all of your continued support and I hope you enjoy the video.

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