Forza Horizon 4: LEGO Speed Champions DLC – Flawless Brickstory: Hype Tour 100%
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Forza Horizon 4: LEGO Speed Champions DLC – Flawless Brickstory: Hype Tour 100%

It’s time for the Hype tour, the LEGO Speed Champions story mode and this video will 3 star every single chapter in the story. From speed challenges with the Senna, a jump with the F40, and the points challenge with the mini, there’s a lot of cover here.

The result will be the Flawless Brickstory Achievement.

I will play through everything on offer, the cars, the world, the challenges, everything that LEGO Speed Champions has to offer the Forza Horizon franchise.

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Part 6: Flawless Brickstory – The Hype Tour

Featuring everything Forza Horizon 4 players enjoy such as a shared-world experience with dynamic seasons in stunning native 4K and HDR, LEGO Speed Champions sees players embark on a completely new experience.

  • Explore a LEGO Themed World – In an all-new valley filed with LEGO brick structures, find out how fast you can go around the Falcon Speedway and how far you can jump in the fun-filled Super Mega Awesome Adventure Stunt Park. Experience how seasons change a LEGO city, airport, UFO crash site, pirate cove and more.
  • Discover LEGO Brick Challenges – Embark on a new LEGO Brick Challenge Campaign that rewards free exploration and build a Master Builder’s House as your collection grows. You will also encounter other new gameplay challenges such as LEGO Speed Ramps and Destruction challenges.
  • Become a LEGO Speed Champion – Collect and race new LEGO Speed Champions cars, such as the McLaren Senna, Ferrari F40 Competizione and the 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally, against real world cars that utilize the Forza racing franchise’s renowned physics and handling. You can also work to become a LEGO Speed Champion hero in a grand finale race on an epic LEGO Goliath route.

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