Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 5 – Helicarrier Havoc
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Let’s Play | LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 5 – Helicarrier Havoc

Can Iron Man and Cap stop the helicarrier from falling out of the sky? Can Black Widow escape the rage monster? What is Tony Stark without his suit? Can Hulk lift Thor’s hammer? Is a fish a suitable weapon? All of these questions and more will be answered in this video….

With Loki captured and Thor joining the group, everyone is back on the helicarrier working on the next plan of attack.

Unfortunately, Loki’s capture was part of an elaborate ruse (IT’S A TRAP). The flying SHIELD base is suddenly attacked by a brainwashed Hawkeye, causing Banner to turn green in the process.

Part 5: Helicarrier Havoc

Primarily based on the events from Avengers Assemble and Avengers: Age of Ultron, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers takes the bricked adventure deep into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While these movies alone provide more than enough iconic moments to produce a fantastic video game, the developers went one step further and integrated key points from Captain America’s two solo outings, Iron Man’s threequel (The less said about Trevor, the better) and Thor’s adventure into the nine realms during the convergence.

Not limited to the same linear path as the movies, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers cleverly plays through the timeline of the MCU in such a way that you don’t always see what is coming next. A great example of this is very early on in LEGO’s unique retelling of the first Avengers movie as we are slowly introduced to the core heroes. The gym scene with Steve Rogers fighting through the pain and loss he’s dealing with, which in the movie is presented by flashbacks, sends us hurtling back through time to take on Red Skull in 1940’s Europe.

Released in 2016, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers continued TT Games’ great work with movie to LEGO game transitions and gave fans a chance to experience these iconic movies and their amazing character in a new bricked up way.

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