LEGO The Incredibles – Free Roam: Urbem Heights 100%
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LEGO The Incredibles – Free Roam: Urbem Heights 100%

Following on from our Let’s Play and Minikits series of videos for LEGO The Incredibles, it is now time to head into the expansive open-world and experience everything else that the Parr family has to offer.

Moving through the districts, the free roam series will 100% each area, including gold bricks, side missions, crime waves, Pixar character unlocks and red bricks.

Free Roam Part Seven: Urbem Heights

The next crime wave takes us to Urbem Heights, a district overrun with thieves stealing technology of all kinds. Why are they collecting all of the technology? Only their master, Syndrome, knows the answer.

Crime Wave: Syndrome’s Minions
Red Brick Pickup Detector
Pixar Build: The Circus Cart from A Bug’s Life
Pixar Character: Flik (A Bug’s Life)

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