LET’S PLAY: LEGO The Incredibles #5 – Parrty House
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LET’S PLAY: LEGO The Incredibles #5 – Parrty House

One of Disney Pixar’s most beloved creations has finally received the bricked up treatment by TT Games and LEGO. The Incredibles, celebrating the release of the long-awaited sequel in the cinemas, now has a LEGO game which covers the entirety of the family’s two big screen adventure and as avid fans of the franchise, we cannot wait to play through what will likely be an awesome addition to the LEGO games series.

Part 5: Parrty House

Part Five and after a party turns to disaster Frozone, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack find themselves under siege from all sides as Screenslaver takes control of Elastigirl’s super team…

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