LEGO The Incredibles – Nomanisan Island Minikits Guide
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LEGO The Incredibles – Nomanisan Island Minikits Guide

This video will guide you through LEGO The Incredibles level 9, Nomanisan Island.

The video will provide you with the locations of all ten minikits as well as give you a taster of the vehicle that collecting all of the minikits will unlock for you.

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Minikit #1 (00:22):
At the very beginning of the level, use a digging character such as the Underminer to tunnel down and retrieve the minikit.

Minikit #2 (00:55):
There are three piles of rocks which can be stacked using telekinetic powers. The first is to the far left at the beginning of the level. The second is next to the large bear trap. The third is at the far right of the first part of the level

Minikit #3 (01:28):
Near the beginning of the level, fall down the waterfall to the lower level. Go into the waterfall to find a large golden chest to destroy for the minikit.

Minikit #4 (01:44):
Just outside the waterfall entrance, there are stepping stones which lead up to the next minikit of a ledge.

Minikit #5 (01:59):
Edging towards the end of this part of the level and you’ll walk across a thin blue ledge. On the other side of this, there is a cobwebbed cave entrance. Destroy the cobwebs and then use a character with light to retrieve the minikit from the darkness.

Minikit #6 (02:12):
At the end of this section of the level, you’ll find a tracking point. Follow the track for the minikit. You will need to have unlocked Russell from UP! in the open world first.

Minikit #7 (02:32):
When fighting the Omnidroid in the first section, there is a minikit on a ledge in the top right corner. Fly up and retrieve it.

Minikit #8 (02:51):
In the same area as the previous minikit, there are four (what look like) plants. Put out the fires for the minikit.

Minikit #9 (03:54):
In the final part of the level when you’re facing the Omnidroid surrounded by lava you’ll find five piles of volcanic rock surrounding the super-build panel. Destroy them for the minikit.

Minikit #10 (04:32):
From the super-build panel, head to the ledge on the left and use Elastigirl to pull down the loose rocks and the minikit.

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