Let’s Play: LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 #2 – No More Tomorrows
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Let’s Play: LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 #2 – No More Tomorrows

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, the sequel to the brilliant 2013 Marvel studios and comics mash-up, was released back in November 2017 and while many great sites jumped on it there and then, we’re a bit behind on the times.

Now finally delving into the time and space distorting bricked adventure for the first time, join me on a quest to save the history and, along the way, the galaxy.

Part 2: Bridge Warriors

Following the disappearance of Xander, the story quickly shifts to Earth as the Avengers spring to action with a sudden spike to bad guy activity across the planet.

Thor and Captain America team up with She-Hulk for an icy excursion which finds them taking on a hidden base filled with possessed researchers, controlled by the Presence.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and Capital Marvel head under the sea to discover a secret Roxxon facility in need of redecoration.

Back in New York, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and White Tiger are on clean-up duty following a prison breakout. The Brooklyn Bridge has been decimated, now controlled by a wave of Spidey’s strongest enemies.

Introducing a wave of new characters to the story, part two in our Let’s Play series is action-packed from start to finish.

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