LEGOLAND Japan Creates 800,000 Brick Cheery Blossom Tree

April 8, 2018

Setting a Guinness World Record with LEGO is far from a new idea, from towers to snakes, the construction toy has a habit of inspiring larger and more competitive creations across the world.

Now, as springtime hits, LEGOLAND Japan wanted to celebrate its first anniversary by creating something a little special. Inspired by Japan itself, they sought to create a cherry blossom tree made entirely from bricks. The finished model is undeniably stunning.


Built using over 800,000 bricks, the LEGO sakura tree measures 4.38 metres tall, 5.42 metres long and 4.93 metres wide.

Designed and built by a team of staff in the Czech Republic, the model took more than 6,700 hours to complete and also features a set of lanterns (made of LEGO), which light up during the evening.

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