Four LEGO Instagrammers You Need to Follow – #FF

Four LEGO Instagrammers You Need to Follow – #FF

It’s Friday the 13th and it’s International Left Handers Day, so as a leftie myself, I thought I’d use this day to share a bit of love and share with you four instagrammers I’m a huge fan of. Specializing in LEGO posts, these are accounts that are definitely worth a follow if you’re a fan of the brick….well, and mine as well of course 🙂

I’ve got a lot of time for the amazing creativity there is out there on Instagram when it comes to turning our favourite bricked characters into wonders of photographic art and so here’s a few that have definitely brought a smile to my day.

Let Them Fly (@Let_Them_Fly_Lego)

A creative powerhouse, Let Them Fly has a massive following of over 37k and for good reason, the posts are consistently creative, fun, and unique….oh and very often Batman related…there’s definitely a love for Batman here.


Personal, I’m a huge fan of the Batmobile designs on this page, the franchise hybrids that blend IPs such as Harry Potter and Ghostbusters with Batman to create truly amazing Batmobile designs. Definitely high on my recommendations, if you’re not currently following.

Lukasz Wiecek (@lukasdata)

I’ve been a massive fan of his work for as long as I’ve been on Instagram, mainly his wonderful battle-ready superhero photos, they’re superb in quality. Using perspective to his advantage, he’s able to pose minifigures in ways they were never meant to be and the results are just brilliant.


Fun fact, he also appeared on the Polish version of LEGO Masters – this guy is 100% Master Builder.

LucWen (@lucwenz)

Another superhero fanatic and talented photographer and photoshopper, his recent work recreating iconic comic book covers using minifigures and some digital magic has been a highlight of my morning Insta scroll.


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A large number of his posts also include BTS videos and images, so you get a really great in depth look at his process.

Prof_Wilczek (@prof_wilczek)

Another creative soul I’ve fallen in love with recently is Prof_Wilczek, there’s a charm to their work that just makes me happy. With no specific theme in mind, they use a smorgasbord of minifigures from across a number of themes and the quality of the images is superb.


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Please do check these creative creators out and also do take a look at my instagram. My work doesn’t even come close to some of these guys, but if they make you smile, I’ve succeeded in my mission.

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