The Bat Is Back In New LEGO Batman Movie Sets
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The Bat Is Back In New LEGO Batman Movie Sets

One of the big stars of 2014’s The LEGO Movie has returned for his own big-screen adventure, the LEGO Batman Movie. The master-builder with a fondness for all things black and really, really dark grey will be hitting cinemas next month with a plethora of DC characters joining the bricked fun.

If a month is just too long to wait for the LEGO awesomeness, then great news because the famed toy company has just released a full collection of movie tie-in sets for you to own. With more super-villains than the Suicide Squad on show here, these new sets are every Batman fan’s dream. Here’s an overview of what you can own right now:

#70900 The Joker Balloon Escape – RRP: £11.99

The Joker has planted a bomb at the Gotham City Energy Facility! Team up with Batman to intercept him before he blows up the power plant. Dispose of the bomb safely, but watch out – The Joker is putting on his balloon backpack and launching his escape. Aim the grappling gun and take down that grinning SuperVillain! The set includes a Batman and Joker minifigure.

#70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack – RRP: £19.99

Dash to Gotham City Energy Facility with Batman to intercept Mr. Freeze in his mighty Exosuit. Thaw the ice prison with Batman’s flamethrower to release the trapped security guard, then face-off against the Super-Villain. Dodge blasts from the Exosuit’s freeze gun, and put the heat on with Batman’s flamethrower. Only Batman can save the day! The Set includes a Batman, Mr Freeze and Security Guard minifigure.

#70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase – RRP: £19.99

Catwoman has robbed the jewelry store and is about to get away on her powerful Catcycle. Rush to the scene of the crime with Batgirl and Robin to intercept her. Watch out for Catwoman’s lashing whip and the falling lamppost she knocks over with her bike. Capture this Super-Villain and return the jewels! The set comes complete with a Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl minifigure.

#70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer – RRP: £29.99

The Riddler and Kite Man, Magpie and Calendar Man are causing chaos at the Gotham City Energy Facility. Team up with Batman to take them all on! Beware of the Riddle Racer’s flip-up spring-loaded shooters and evade the dynamite thrown by Magpie. Dodge Kite Man’s swoops from the sky, then fight back with Batman’s Batarang and capture those Super-Villains! The set includes a Batman, The Riddler, Magpie, Calendar Man and Kite Man minifigure.

#70904 Clayface Splat Attack – RRP: £29.99 

Clayface has crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and is shooting clay all over the place! Speed to the scene with Batman and face down the powerful Super-Villain. But watch out—Clayface is armed with six-stud rapid shooters and a clay hammer. Dodge the shots and clay splats, and fight back with the Batarang. Then free Mayor McCaskill from the clay prison and help her to safety! The set comes with a Batman, Mayor McCaskill and Clayface minifigure.

#70905 The Batmobile – RRP: £54.99 

Jump into the Batmobile with Batman and Robin. Set the wheels to race mode and zoom away. Flip into monster truck mode to smash through any obstacle. When the Super-Villains are in sight, fire the stud shooters. Then screech to a stop, pop off the roof of the dual cockpit and take the battle to the ground. Dodge the Kabuki Twins’ dangerous claws, evade dynamite thrown by Man-Bat and capture them all. The set comes complete with a Batman, Robin, Man-Bat and the Kabuki Twins minifigures.

#70906 The Joker Notorious Lowrider – RRP: £54.99

The Joker is bouncing around Gotham City with Harley Quinn committing crimes wherever they go. Catch up with his Notorious Lowrider with Batgirl, but beware of the hidden shooters in the trunk. Chase down Harley when she jumps off the side of the crazy car and tries to skate away. Capture this creepy pair before they cause any more chaos! The set includes a Batgirl, Harley Quinn and the Joker minifigure.

#70907 Killer Croc Tail-Gator – RRP: £64.99 

Killer Croc, Zebra-Man and Tarantula are escaping from Gotham City’s harbour. Power across the water by the docks and fire the Batski’s stud shooters. Swerve the Tail-Gator’s crate bombs and Tarantula’s sai. Overtake and then take the battle to the land with Batman’s Batarang. Round up those crooks before they commit more crimes! The set comes complete with a Batman, Zebra-Man and Tarantula minfigure, plus a Killer Croc big figure.

#70908 The Scuttler – RRP: £84.99 

Emergency! The Joker and Poison Ivy with her vine monster have crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and taken hostages. Leap into the cockpit of the awesome Scuttler with Batman and scurry to the rescue. Fire the stud shooters and attach the hidden jetpack to fly into a duel with The Joker. Free Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson, then capture those villains with The Scuttler’s net shooter! The set includes a Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson minifigure.

#70909 Batcave Break-in – RRP: £109.99

The Penguin has broken in on his Duckmobile and is about to uncover all of Batman’s secrets! Transform from Bruce Wayne into Batman. Find the intruders on the Batcomputer screens in the rotating control centre. Select the Scu-Batsuit, Raging Batsuit or The Bat-Pack Batsuit from the wardrobe and get ready for battle! Attack with the Batboat’s spring-loaded missiles and stud shooters and steer clear of the Duckmobile’s weapons. Capture the penguin invaders in the prison cell… but watch out, they could explode their way out again! The set comes complete with a Batman, The Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth minifigure, plus two Hench-Penguin figures.

The new LEGO Movie sets are available now and The LEGO Batman Movie is out on February 10, 2017.

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