LEGO The Incredibles Announced

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Warner Bros. Interactive have announced the latest entry in the LEGO series; LEGO The Incredibles.

Featuring scenes and action sequences from The Incredibles and the upcoming The Incredibles 2, the game will allow players to explore different story levels and a hub world that includes Nomanisan Island and Municiberg.

Says Sean William McEvoy, Vice President, Digital Games & Apps, The LEGO Group;

“LEGO The Incredibles offers hours of creative play within an imaginative LEGO version of The Incredibles movies.”

Tom Stone, Managing Director of TT Games Publishing, is quoted;

“The Incredibles franchise, full of super-powered characters, adventures and teamwork, combined with all of the humour, puzzle-solving elements and unexpected surprises of LEGO® games makes for the perfect combination for players. With LEGO The Incredibles, fans can experience the non-stop action from both movies while fighting crime together as a super hero family.”

LEGO The Incredibles will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC from July 18.

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