Our Custom LEGO Avengers Base
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Our Custom LEGO Avengers Base

A few weeks ago we started incorporating a new custom build into our Daily Bricks over on Instagram, an Avengers base.

The base, originally built purely as a new backdrop for some LEGO Marvel themed photography, garnered quite a bit of attention and as a result, we’ve had a number of inquiries to see the full build in all its glory.

Primarily built from the remnants of a LEGO City Police Station from 2010, the Avengers base includes:

  • Two garage bays
  • A mini-lab for Tony Stark
  • An upper-level computer bay, with evidence storage
  • A roof landing bay and upper platform
  • Hulkbuster storage
  • A prison level, complete with cells capable of holding even the worst villains
  • A mechanics area
  • Quinjet runway and air traffic control

Partially coming out of an idea to expand the Civil War Airport Battle set, the airport building from that set currently remains untouched, including the quinjet.

The build itself is still a work in progress and will continue to develop and evolve into something more advanced as time goes on, but given the requests, we’ve had so far for more images of the entire build we’ve put together a video which explores the base in more detail.

The design is very much a first draft and could change dramatically, this is why we’re openly asking for feedback and any ideas that we can integrate into the design and ultimately our Daily Bricks moving forward.

Please comment below, or visit our YouTube channel to add a comment (don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

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