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Let’s Play | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 26 – Escape From Echo Base

With the battle of Hoth in full swing and the Empire on the verge of wiping out the Rebel base, Han and Leia must escape Echo Base before it is too late. There are plenty of dangers to face along the way, from stormtroopers and collapsing tunnels, to feelings 😀


Review | The LEGO Movie 2 – Benny’s Space Squad 70841

After reviewing the awesome Thricycle set yesterday, I couldn’t help but jump straight back into the LEGO Movie 2 and onto what has become one of the most popular LEGO sets in recent history, Benny’s Space Squad. Even LEGO themselves are a little bit shocked by the demand for this

ThricycleFeat 1

Review | The LEGO Movie 2 – Emmet’s Thricycle 70823

It’s been nearly five years since we were first introduced to Emmet and the master-builders, a movie adventure that proved LEGO had the brand power to make it big in Hollywood. The movie is universally loved (and unforgettable thanks to a certain song) and so it was no surprise to


Let’s Play | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 25 – Hoth Battle

After the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has been on the warpath, searching the galaxy for the rebellions main base of operations. With scout droids combing the galaxy, one sends back the images that Vader has been waiting for, it’s on the icy planet Hoth… Knowing that Skywalker


Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 9 – Adventure Time World

It’s time to head to the Land Ooo for an adventure with Finn the human and Jake the Dog. Joined by the Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo and Marceline the Vampire Queen, they must solve puzzles and overcome bad guys to collect the treasure…golden bricks. They will, however, have help on


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