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New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sets Released

Continuing to expand the highly successful and ever popular LEGO super heroes range, LEGO are beginning the new year with three new Marvel sets. The new sets are more focused on the comic book side of things rather than the cinematic universe and feature the typical headliners, Iron Man, Captain


New LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros Released

Last year LEGO launched a new line of LEGO Super Hero sets aimed at younger fans of both Marvel and DC Comics, the Mighty Micros. The sets have proven very popular and as we move into the new year a new wave of 2017 sets have been released. On the


LEGO Release New Line Of DC Super Hero Girls Sets

LEGO has released a new collection of LEGO DC Super heroes sets with the introduction of the DC Super Hero Girls range. The new sub-theme is based on the animated show of the same name which sees familiar comic book heroes attend Super Hero High School and deal with the awkwardness of



LEGO Dimensions – Gremlins Team Pack #71256 [Review]

It’s back to the eighties once more for another LEGO Dimensions expansion pack review and this time it’s the horror comedy which pushed the boundaries of ‘family friendly’ to the limit back in 1984. The tale of a small American town overrun with little green monsters has since become a cult



LEGO Dimensions – E.T. The Extra-terrestrial Fun Pack #71258 [Review]

It’s the movie that turned a simple sci-fi concept into a heartwarming story of childhood friendship. Created by one of the greatest directors in movie history and scored by the legendary John Williams, E.T. The Extra-terrestrial is still enchanting young movie fans more than three decades after its release. It’s


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