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LEGO Worlds Coming to Consoles Next Year

Nov 29, 2016No Comments

LEGO, Warner Bros. and TT Games have announced the release of LEGO Worlds. Coming February 27 next year, LEGO Worlds is, to quote the press

LEGOStore Image

LEGO Fever Hits Leicester Square

Nov 22, 2016No Comments

Yes, you’ve heard about it. Yes, you’ve likely now seen pictures of it. There is a new LEGO Store in London, but not just a


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LEGO Architecture London #21034 [Review]

Nov 21, 2016No Comments

Many of the world’s most famous landmarks have already been represented in brick form through LEGO Architecture, and now it’s the turn of some of

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The LEGO Ideas Red Dwarf Set That Needs To ...

Oct 03, 2016No Comments

With Red Dwarf having been on our screens for nearly three decades and currently enjoying its best run of new episodes since the 1990s, there


LEGO DrStrange

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Doctor Str...

Aug 02, 2016No Comments

It’s time for LEGO to dip further into the extensive catalogue of Marvel Super Heroes, and to tie in rather nicely with the next film


LEGO CrocSmashSet

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Batman:...

Aug 01, 2016No Comments

It’s time for another round of LEGO Super Heroes sets. And with Mike covering the Marvel side of things, I get the pleasure of checking


LEGO BatmanScarecrow

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Batman:...

Aug 01, 2016No Comments

After taking a backseat to the last wave of Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes sets, DC Comics comes back with a vengeance with some new additions


LegoCity Airport

LEGO City – Airport Air Show #60103 [...

Jun 09, 2016No Comments

Before Marvel, DC and Star Wars became the must-have LEGO sets, the predecessor to all that would follow was LEGO City. And given a chance


LegoAirport Main

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Super Hero...

Apr 08, 2016No Comments

Out of the three Captain America: Civil War sets released by Lego, the Super Hero Airport Battle has to be the one most fans, and collectors,


LEGOAngryBirds Plane

LEGO The Angry Birds Movie – Piggy Pl...

Apr 06, 2016No Comments

To the surprise of many, the Angry Birds phenomenon is not quite ready to disappear just yet. Over five years since it first appeared on


Lego ClashHeroes

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Clash o...

Feb 25, 2016No Comments

With the year’s first big movie release upcoming, along with it comes the first major LEGO releases on 2016. After years of fanboy discussion over



LEGO Star Wars Rebels – AT-DP #75083 ...

Dec 07, 2015No Comments

Let’s make no mistake, when it comes to Star Wars right now, all people are talking about is The Force Awakens, whether it be on