LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Starkiller Queen 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Episode VII: The Force Awakens Level 4, Starkiller Queen. Each level of in The Skywalker Saga requires you to complete the following:
  • Complete three specific challenges
  • Collect Five Minikits
In order to guarantee completion, it is recommended that the level be completed in FREE PLAY, not STORY MODE. Challenge #1: Rug Pull At the beginning of the level, turn left and move down the hallway and you’ll see a bridge above. Using Han or Chewie hit sharpshooter point (purple target) to destroy the bridge and complete the challenge. Challenge #2: Rey’s Escape From the start of the level, go all the way to the far end of the the right path to the large window. At the window the camera will focus on Rey escaping in the distance and the challenge will pop. Challenge #3: Snowed In Down the hallway leading to the window for challenge #2, there’s a door where snowtroopers spawn on the right. Pull the grapple handle and the door will lock the door. A brief cutscene will show the snowtroopers stuck outside and the challenge will pop. Minikit #1: From the snowtrooper door (challenge #3) facing the window (challenge #2) and turn left and head about halfway down the hallway. On the right, enter a side-hallway and go through the second door on the left, opened by activating the first order terminal. You’ll find an interrogation room with a the silver bricked container. Destroy it with a grenade for the minikit. Minikit #2: Cut through the lightsaber wall opposite Phasma’s quarters for this minikit. Minikit #3: Past the sniper bridge (challenge #1) there’s a door with gold bricked locks. Blast all four with a Bounty Hunter to access the trash compactor. Use the force to place the container with the minikit in the compactor, then push both handles to crush it. You’ll need to push both orange LEGO handles at the same time. Once crushed, release the two handles and jump down for the minikit. Minikit #4: Take the stairs up to the bridge. On the left side, you’ll find points to use the Net Launcher. Launch the nets and then climb up for the minikit. Minikit #5: Once you have Phasma unlock the Shield Generator Control Room, you’ll be able to access the final minikit. In the room to the right, near the Death Star model, smash the blue vending machines and rebuild into an astromech terminal. Use it to earn the minikit.

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