LEGO The Hobbit – Flies and Spiders 100% Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on LEGO The Hobbit Level 10 – Flies and Spiders. The video will show you what is required to 100% the level with additional detail below for each part. Each level of the core story requires you to collect the following:
  • Ten Minikits
  • Four Treasures
  • A blacksmith design
Please support our YouTube channel by subscribing and liking this video. We aim to provide easy to follow guides and any feedback is welcome. Minikit #1 (00:18): At the beginning of the level, you’ll see an injured animal off to the right. Heal it for the minikit. Minikit #2 (00:53): Once you cross the tree trunk over the water, come back on yourself and down to the water’s edge. You’ll see a dig spot, theres a crank in it to use near the water that will raise a platform so that you can use a boat. Row up the stream to the minikit. Minikit #3 (00:35, 01:25): There are five owl to shoot for this minikit. Shoot them all:
  1. In the tree at the top of the first upper platform (before you cross the water).
  2. In a tree as soon as you’ve crossed the water.
  3. In a tree behind the statue that you smash into the water.
  4. Rotate the platform round so that you can access the island on the far right. The owl is there.
  5. Rotate the second platform so that you can access the island on the far left (protected by a blue bush for a wizard to destroy).
Minikit #4 (02:41): In the section where you need to destroy the spiders and save the dwarfs, after the first crawl hatch you’ll see an arrow point in the tree above that an elf can use to swing up for the minikit. Minikit #5 (02:33, 02:57, 03:26): There are five easy to spot spiders with red dots on them along the story path. Shoot all five for the minikit. Minikit #6 (03:41): After going through the final crawl space of this area, you’ll see a goblin wall to climb for the minikit. Do it before saving the dwarf or the cutscene will force you to the next area. Minikit #7 (04:01): In the final section of the level, at the back left of the area are some silver-bricked columns. Destroy them and walk through the hole to a hidden room. In the middle of the hidden area is a campfire with a gramophone connected to a crank. Use the crank and skeletons will start dancing before revealing the minikit. Minikit #8 (04:49): At the back left of the hidden room is a bouncy castle. Simply bounce on it until the minikit appears. Minikit #9 (06:24): Back in the final arena, over to the back left is a blue web that a wizard can destroy. This will release a couple of giant flies. Jump on one of the flies and use it to destroy ten spiders that drop down for the minikit. Minikit #10 (07:42): On the far right of the final arena, there is an elf jump that allows you to get up to the high platform and save the dwarf. Once up there, you’ll see a hanging spider web that you can swing on. Swing from web to web for the minikit. Treasure #1 – Mirkwood Phial (02:10): On the island where you hit the final owl (minikit #3), there are three mushrooms. Jumping on each mushroom will change it’s colour. From left to right set them as follows: GREEN, BLUE, RED Treasure #2 – Spider Bomb (03:08): In the area with the spiders that Bilbo has to take out, you’ll reach a point where you need to swing on a grappling hook. Before you swing over, head to the right of this platform and use Sauron to destroy the darkness object webbed to a branch for the treasure. Treasure #3 – Dazzle Wig (04:55): In the hidden room (see minikit #7), head to the far right to find a hot tub. Next to the hot tub are a couple of tables which you need to destroy. Rebuild the left over bricks into a fishing point platform to grab the treasure. Treasure #4 – Staff of Wisdom (05:47): At the back, in the middle of the hidden room, there is a dwarf climbing point (where you put one dwarf and another can climb up him). Use it to reach a high hanging vine and then climb it to the treasure. Blacksmith Design – Mithril Bomb Blade (08:01): In the final arena, the middle platform which you climb to to save a dwarf has a cracked wall behind the dwarf. Smash it for the instructions.   Keep up to date with all the latest from Life In Brick’s videos by heading over to our YouTube Channel and subscribing.

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