LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Chapter 7 – The Resistance Guide

This video will guide you through LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The guide will show you where to find all of the Minikits and the Red Brick are.

Like most LEGO games, there are 10 minikits to be found on each level and the video above will show you how to find them all.

Minikit #1:
From the start of the level, head forward and to the left of the area. There is a container which can be cut open with a lightsaber. Do so and the minikit is yours.

Minikit #2:
On the far right of the first area, there is a room covered in ice which you need to open in order to move forward with the story. Once you’ve entered the room and turned off the air-con, head to the right of the room to find a frozen minikit. Use a character with a flamethrower to retrieve the cannister.

Minikit #3:
To the left of the big blast door in the first area, there is resistance access panel. Use it to open the smaller door next to it and retrieve the minikit.

Minikit #4:
There are three droids to find and construct throughout the early areas of the level. The first in right at the start of the level, head left and pull down the grapple hook on the side of the Falcon. The other two are in the corridor you enter once the large door is open.

Minikit #5:
Once you’re in the main resistance control room, head to the back right and use the BB-8 access panel to activate the hologram table. This will reveal a minikit.

Minikit #6:
On the final part of the level, when you are collecting supplies for the Falcon, head as far right as you can in the area. You’ll come to a room with a mosaic on the wall at the back. Use a Force user to reconfigure it into a picture of Luke and retrieve the minikit.

Minikit #7:
Right next to the room with the Luke art, there is a resistance access panel which can be used to lower the shield stopping you access the next room. Once deactivated, head in and the minikit is just behind the vehicle.

Minikit #8:
When you head up to the higher platform on the left side of the area, you’ll see a pole hole in the wall for Rey (or similar character) to throw her pole into and swing to retrieve the minikit.

Red Brick:
When heading up the lift to the upper platform on the right of the area, you will see a cracked wall. Smash it open with any character with that ability, the big figs are useful for that, to reveal a hatch for a small character to retrieve the red brick.

Minikit #9:
Continuing right from the red brick and if you follow the story you will need to construct a BB-8 access panel to remotely control a conveyor belt bringing equipment into the area. Before you build that, you’ll notice that the bricks can be used to construct a multi-build to the right which can allow BB-8 to unlock the minikit.

Minikit #10:
There are three micro-build ships to construct throughout the final part of the level. The first is in the same place you find minikit #7. The second is in the room you find the first lot of supplies for the falcon and the third is in the first room on the left, the shield of which can be deactivated using a droid panel on the upper level.

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