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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – The Batboat Harbour Pursuit #76034 [Review]

After reading Mike’s reviews of the LEGO Jurassic World and Ant-Man sets, it got me to thinking about some of my favourite character LEGO sets. And following last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con and the hype surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it had to be something involving The Dark Knight.

Pieces: 264
Set Number: 76034
Minifigures: Batman, Robin, Deathstroke
RRP: £29.99/$39.99

One of two new DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO releases over this summer – and actually, the smaller one – Batman and Robin take to the Batboat to take on one of DC’s lesser-focused on villains, Deathstroke.

Batman sets have become a staple of LEGO’s releases – while the character also has a habit of being used in sets that don’t really need him in – so while it is no surprise to see another new Bats set come out, it is refreshing to see Deathstroke brought into the mix. On this occasion, according to the synopsis for the piece, Deathstroke has stolen diamonds from the bank and is escaping with the loot on his heavily-armoured jetboat. This gives us the chance to place Batman and Robin in the cockpits of the Batboat at Gotham City harbour and set off in a high-speed pursuit. Opening up the secret radar tower means we can examine the control screens to track the jetboat. We can then activate the split function to launch the superheroes’ hoverboats, ambush the villain and reclaim the safe with the jewels.

All sounds good…


This is an immediate strong point of the set, with two out of the three minifigs being exclusive. Even better, this sees the first LEGO incarnation of Deathstroke, making this set historic and perfect for the collectors among us. Ironically, Batman is actually the most underwhelming of the three, though it has to be said that the detail on the torso is good, with Bat symbol and utility belt the standout features.

The good stuff starts with Robin, sporting attire based on Dick Grayson’s New 52 duds. This one is exclusive to this set, giving it a plus from the get-go. The torso printing is extremely detailed and impressive. The accompanying capes seem to be softer than previous ones, so likely a modified design there also. The highlight though, for many at least, will be the inclusion of Deathstroke, a first for a LEGO set. The whole minifig is excellent, from the contrasting orange and blue design to the detail on the torso. One thing to note; the dual colour on the legs is not a simple printing job, it is actually dual mounting, with the ‘thigh’ pieces being separate from the lower legs. This may not seem like much to some, but it’s a welcome change, as I have found that pieces with dual colour printing can sometimes have a lesser quality look to them. He comes with a katana and a pistol, and while they look like standard fare LEGO weapons, they don’t detract from the overall presentation.

If I were to make a slight criticism, I would have liked to see a separate helmet piece used, but I am being picky and the more I look at the figure, the better it looks just the way it is.

The Vehicles

As per the instructions, the Deathstroke jet boat comes first, and in all honesty, it’s best to get that out of the way. While the two-tone blue and orange colour looks good, the design itself is disappointing. It appears to be pretty standard LEGO boat, with a few minor additions to try and attach it more to the character. With the Batboat being the focal vehicle of the set – and the main thing you’re paying for – Deathstroke’s boat isn’t a major gripe, however, you feel more could have been done with this. It is a simple build though with nothing complex and the instructions, as always, are easy to follow. It’s a quick build, but that doesn’t take away from the build quality, as it feels like a sturdy piece, suitable for kids’ playing and use. As mentioned, it has clips on the side for Deathstroke’s katana and pistol while also holding ample space at the back for the accompanying crystal-containing safe. For kids playing with the set, it is more than adequate and sturdy enough cope with some superhero-imagination playing by little ones.

The piece de resistance of the set though is the Batboat. And all hyperbole intended, it is magnificent. This is extremely impressive and is packed full of detail for both playing kids and collector adults alike. The two cockpits on the front can both be detached from the main body, is a nice feature. The cockpits have a window that pulls down, and these are more angled than previously used. There is plenty of room to sit the Batman and Robin minifigs inside the cockpits and pull the windows down. The vehicle sits on four dinghy pieces that fit the piece perfectly. It really adds to the look of the vehicle and compliments it perfectly.

On the rear of the vehicle sits two Batwing fins which look very sleek and really add to the look of the overall build.

In the middle, there is a surveillance station with an antenna on top of that. The station is attached to a hinged plate which lifts up to reveal a bar which seems designed for use with the Super Jumper activity. I know some aren’t a fan of the Super Jumper element of recent LEGO sets, but we must remember that these are also toys, not just collectable pieces and kids do love some jumping…

One downside to the vehicle – and this applies to several of the recent LEGO sets – is the use of stickers. I still fail to understand why these continue to be used when it would seem far easier to print specially-designed pieces with the image on it. Still, stickers in LEGO sets seem destined to continue. Thankfully, there are only seven to apply here.

The Set Overall

The positives far outweigh the negatives with this set. The inclusion of the exclusive Robin and Deathstroke minifigs – plus the improved modifications made to the Batman figure – make it a thumbs-up on the minifig front, while the Batboat vehicle is a great-looking addition to any collector’s hoard. For kids, the playing time is extensive and there are enough features to keep them busy.

That, added to the 264-piece count, makes this great value for money.


  • Fun, easy construction
  • Two minifigure exclusives, great for collectors
  • Great detail in the Batboat


  • Deathstroke’s jetboat is disappointing
  • The continued use of stickers
Holy boating, Batman!


Another worthwhile inclusion in the growing list of Batman LEGO adventures, the minifig debut of Deathstroke and a unique and excellent addition of the Batboat makes this a great purchase for collections and fans alike.

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  1. See now I have to go and buy this set I WANT Deathstroke!!!!!

  2. I honestly didn’t realise that Deathstroke hadn’t been in a set before, it makes me want this set but I’m happy with my Ant-Man purchase for now

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