LEGO Announce Their Largest and Most Expensive Set Ever

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7,541, that’s the number of pieces that make up LEGO’s latest Star Wars creation, the new Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon set. Announced by LEGO today, the Galioth set is expected to sell for £650 ($800), this is not for those Star Wars fans on a budget.

An update on the previous Ultimate Collectors set, this new build sets a new record for LEGO in terms of piece count, outstripping its predecessor by around 2000 pieces. To put it into context, the reasonably priced Falcon released for The Force Awakens in 2015 is 1,329 pieces and while that is an impressive size, it’s dwarfed by this.

The model is the most detailed version of the famous ship they have ever created, both inside and out, it even comes with interchangeable deflector dishes so that you can choose between the original trilogy look or The Force Awakens’ update. This mix of old and new is also reflected in the minifigures which accompany the Corellian freighter.

The set comes with seven minifigures, four from the original trilogy and three from the Force Awakens. Han, Leia, Chewie, and C3-PO get the classic treatment, with the love-struck couple receiving new designs. The Force Awakens is represented by the Old Han, Finn and Rey figures which appeared in the 2015 Force Friday sets. Along with the minifigures you also get BB-8, a couple of new little guys called Porgs (featured in The Last Jedi) and a buildable Mynock (those suckers from the Empire Strikes Back).

The incredible detail of the hull is equalled with an interior which extends beyond anything seen in a Falcon set before. The engine room, escape pod hatches, a large cockpit fit for multiple minifigures, gunnery station and so much more. Check out the official LEGO video below for a run down of everything on offer from this LEGO Star Wars fan’s dream build.

The 2017 Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon is due for release on October 1st. For more information head over to the official LEGO Star Wars site.

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