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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum #76060 [Review]

It’s time for LEGO to dip further into the extensive catalogue of Marvel Super Heroes, and to tie in rather nicely with the next film on Marvel Studios’ slate, it means a minifigure debut for Doctor Strange.

Pieces: 358
Set Number: 76060
Minifigures: Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One
RRP: £29.99/$29.99

A new Marvel franchise usually means new merchandise and Doctor Strange is no exception. Excitement is building for Benedict Cumberbatch’s debut in the MCU and LEGO have done little to curb that excitement with the release of their newest entrant from their extensive Marvel Super Heroes range. It is always good to see LEGO step outside of their Iron Man comfort zone and explore more characters in the Marvel range, and with Stephen Strange having never graced a LEGO set before, this new set feels even more special.


Given the tie-in to the movie, this debut Doctor Strange minifig is understandably based on the Benedict Cumberbatch version of the character, and it is a great piece. The high level of detail on the torso and legs is wonderfully impressive, and the printed Eye of Agamotto around the neck is, literally, the icing on the cake. The outfit is mainly dark blue with the colour transitioning into black on the lower legs. The darker tone of the main body of the figure is offset perfectly with the strong red colour of his Cloak of Levitation.

The figure comes complete with accessories, namely two dishes with printed designs intended to give the impression of his runes. The printed designs look very good, with some mystic symbols going around the circular dish.

All in all, this is a truly superb start to the set and a great addition to any anyone’s minifigure collection. The design is among the best I have seen and the figure’s costume design appears to stay true to what we have seen from the movie so far.

Another minifigure debut, Karl Mordo is more commonly positioned as an enemy of Doctor Strange, however here he seems to be an ally, at least according to the official images released of the set. For anyone who has seen the character in the LEGO video games, there is definitely some difference in the attire, with the mainly-light green colour replaced by a more darker green, with the overall print design looking wonderful. That makes this set two for two when it comes to the printing quality on the minifigures. The grey cloth belt print looks especially good, matching perfectly with the green robe design. He comes with a standard black staff.

Rounding off the minifigures, and another first-time appearance, is The Ancient One. The first thing you will notice, mainly if you have seen the trailers for the movie, is that the costumes don’t appear to match. Granted, the character may end up adopting this look later into the film but, as it stands, there does not seem to be much sticking to the big-screen source material when it comes to the minifig. Gold and purple are not colours that would usually go together, and it doesn’t really work here, though the print design itself is strong.

Going back to the figure’s appearance in comparison to the film, I know LEGO sets don’t always link to the movies they are based on, but the difference in the appearances of the character does seem a strange and unnecessary one.

Similar to the Doctor Strange figure, The Ancient One comes with two fans that are decorated with the same style of designs seen on the Doctor’s dishes.

Sanctum Sanctorum

This brings us to the main feature of the set, the Sanctum Sanctorum. For what looks like a relatively small build, a lot goes into it. The level of detail is extremely impressive, not just in the eye-catching monster tentacles (which we’ll get to later), but in the set as a whole.

The room’s famous circular window is represented pretty well here, with the use of four silver swords doing a good job of recreating a famous part of the Doctor’s Sanctorum. It would likely prove impossible – not to mention substantially increase the set’s price tag – to faithfully recreate the look of it from the comics, so it should be stated how well LEGO have done with the window’s appearance. Elsewhere in the room, there are two bookcases that hold several books and various items. Different coloured tiles are used to give the impression of the books, and it is an effective look. Small as they may seem in comparison to the set overall, it was really enjoyable putting these two bookcases together. Using a combination of rounded and small pieces, it works for a good effect of carved wood. The effect has been used before, and will likely be used again, but there is no denying that the rather simple method results in a very effective final product.

Keeping with the theme found in the Doctor Strange and Ancient One minifigs, there are more mystic symbols, this time found on a ramp located in front of the monster. We’ll get to that soon, I promise.

Actually, let’s do it now.

Pre-release, there were many discussions surrounding whether or not the inclusion of this monster breaking through a vortex is some sort of spoiler for the upcoming movie and regardless of it being the case or not, it is certainly a headline addition. Made up of multiple red curved pieces, with some being two connected together, they give a fantastic visual, and also add some great play value to the set. With some maneuvering, the ends of the four larger tentacles can be positioned to all meet together, perfect for trapping one of our hero figures. The tentacles can also be moved via a wheel attached from the back of the set. This is put together well and works very easily.

Another decent play value is the addition of two clear pieces that a minifigure can be attached to and represent the visual of minifigs levitating. These work okay, but only when the set is being played with. As a collective piece on display, however, the rods just lay flat and unless you want to balance the figures between the clear pieces and table to give the effect of levitation, it doesn’t really work. Equally, a black rod coming through the wall to the far left of the set allows for Strange’s cloak of levitation to be attached, again giving the impression of levitation, is a weak point. When the cloak is attached, it’s okay, however many are sure to want the Doctor to be wearing his cloak, meaning there is a black attachment coming through the wall and it does rather stand out.

Despite my issues with one or two design choices, this will look very good on a display shelf or as part of your child’s expanding LEGO toy collection.

The Set Overall

Retailing at just under £30, it is understandable that some may consider that a pretty high price for a relatively small set. However, excellent Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo minifigures and a satisfactory Ancient One figure – though one with a questionable outfit – combined with a main set that offers superb attention to detail and plenty of playability features, make this an essential purchase.

It’s always good when LEGO get to expand their Marvel Super Heroes collection and this is evidence that there is so much more to come. When the movie is finally released in October (or November in the US), there is a good chance it will lead to more sets, or at the very least more appearances for Stephen Strange.

If this is any indication, that can only be a good thing.


This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.


  • Excellent minifigure selection
  • Great playability features
  • Good value for money


  • Some minor design issues
The Doctor Will See You Now


Boasting a superb selection of minifigures and a good-looking set packed full of play features, Doctor Strange’s LEGO debut is an overwhelmingly successful one. Good for either collectors or people looking for a good set to play with, the Sanctum Sanctorum offers excellent value for money and should be high up on anyone’s wish list.

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