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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear #76054 [Review]

After taking a backseat to the last wave of Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes sets, DC Comics comes back with a vengeance with some new additions to their LEGO collection – and once again, The Dark Knight takes the lead.

Pieces: 563
Set Number: 76054
Minifigures: Gas Mask Batman, Blue Beetle, Scarecrow, Killer Moth, Farmer
RRP: £59.99/$59.99

It does seem like LEGO feel obliged to include Batman in all of their DC Comics Super Heroes sets, it is an absolute rarity to see a DC set that doesn’t include Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting alter-ego. However, with every set that comes and people bemoan another Bats variation, the general consensus ends up being that LEGO has once again hit a home run.

This time out, with Batman taking to the skies in his trusty Batcopter, the Scarecrow takes position front and centre as the lead villain, bringing with him a couple of eclectic villains deep from the pages of DC Comics, while also taking his special brand of panic on a rather agricultural turn. As soon as I saw this set, I found myself immediately drawn to the harvester. I cannot explain why, especially when the Batcopter is no slouch itself, but the decidedly-farmland vehicle’s inclusion made this somewhat of a must-have set for me. This, combined with the other recent release, give us yet another superior round of DC Comics sets from LEGO, and even if the continued insistence on Batman’s presence may grate with some, the sets’ ongoing popularity show why LEGO insist on returning to the Wayne well.


As we’ve written before, one of the main attractions of a LEGO set is the minifigure collection. The main characteristics you’re looking for are great look, detail and exclusivity, and with this set, we get a little bit of everything.

With Batman, it’s a case of ‘another set, another Bats variant’ as this time we get a lime colour replacing the usual yellow. As usual, the level of design on the figure is excellent, with a detailed torso piece including a grey utility, as well as a new breathing tool that ties in well with the set’s theme of Scarecrow and his poison toxin. The legs are plain with no design, but that is pretty normal with Batman minifigs, with the torso always getting the attention to detail. In this instance, while the overall look of the figure is fine and will be attractive to collectors, the other figures are actually the more appealing.

Scarecrow gets an upgrade from previous sets we have seen him in, this time with a look more in keeping with the rural and agricultural theme of the set. With a combine harvester as his vehicle of choice, it is fitting that this Scarecrow looks like one you would actually find out in the farmer’s field, scaring off the birds. One feature of this minifig that I really like is the hat/hair combo piece, with the hair one colour and the hat another. It may not look like much to many, but it’s a rather simple yet excellent addition to the set.

I also appreciated the stitching effect on the headpiece, again working well with the literal scarecrow appearance theme. On that same note, the torso design features a worn and patched-up brown outfit with a rope tied around the waist. It’s a bit of a departure from previous Scarecrow minifigs, but again, it fits in very well with the overall theme.

The inclusion of Killer Moth and Blue Beetle are likely to catch many off-guard, as they are not comic book names that are going to shoot to the forefront of many people’s minds, however, they are superb additions to this set, and they look wonderful, like they have been taken directly from the pages of a comic. Moth, with a contrasting orange, lime and purple colour scheme, is not the usual aesthetically-pleasing minifig that you would want front and centre in your display cabinet, but here it works a lot better than you would expect.

Coming complete with a lime helmet and sporting a fairly modest torso design of only a moth motif and a utility belt, the look is enhanced with the orange wings. The whole ensemble is both gaudy and undeniably brilliant.

Speaking of which, Blue Beetle may well take home the prize for figure of the set. Sporting as much black as there is blue, we get a good torso look and a distinctive face design, with piercing yellow eyes. The legs are dual-moulded, which I always appreciate. There is also a four-pronged piece that goes around the neck, with two prongs coming down over the chest, and two larger one going up behind the head. There is also a set of wings, these ones clear.

Lastly, the farmer; hardly likely to swing your vote into buying this set, but still acts as a worthwhile addition, and not just because he fills the role of ‘helpless victim for Batman to save’. He has a red cap, a stained white vest torso design and pale blue legs.

Overall, this is an excellent minifigure selection. A new variation of Batman adds to the collection, a redesigned Scarecrow is impressive, while Killer Moth and Blue Beetle are superb. And while the farmer is really only here to be caught by the main villain, he certainly doesn’t let the selection down.

Farmer’s Tractor

Let’s start our look at the vehicles included with an old LEGO favourite; the tractor. Because of the LEGO City range, fans have always had the chance to own a brick version of that popular farmland vehicle, and now it has made its way to the DC Comics Super Heroes range. However, don’t let its rather simple-looking design fool you, this is actually a pretty good little addition. Another really good aspect of it is the opportunity it gives you to include the younger LEGO fans in the building process. Because while the harvester and Batcopter are undoubtedly complex and not ideal for the building experience and ability of a youngster, the tractor is.

Design-wise, it is more basic than previous tractors, but don’t write it off. Yes, there are stickers, but only a few and don’t cause any issues. In actual fact, two of them actually enhance the finished article, giving off the effect of age, wear and tear. It won’t take long to put together, whether it’s being assembled by adult or child, and gets our vehicles off to a pretty good start.

Batman’s Batcopter

That start is then amplified by Batman’s chosen mode of transport in this particular set. While some will bemoan the choice of another helicopter, or skyward vehicle in general, in a Super Heroes set – and I have to say, I was initially one of them when I first saw this set – I also found myself becoming a bigger and bigger fan of it as the build went on. Mainly black, though with a more-than-generous helping of blue, the helicopter initially confused me a little when I was constructing it. This actually leads to the best feature of the vehicle, and one that increases the playability value of the piece tenfold. The tail end of the copter essentially slides into the main body of the piece, and with one push of the tail, two side pieces open to reveal stud shooters. My daughter loved this feature, and I lost count of the number of times she would push the side pieces back in, only to pop them back out moments later.

Elsewhere, there are six chopper blades that are well put-together and prove very strong and durable. The cockpit has enough space to seat The Dark Knight minifig.

The Batcopter is an excellent addition to the set, with a superior build experience. I have stated before of the genuine joy that can be experienced as you, piece by piece, constructed from the pictures in a manual in front of you and then physically in your hand. The use of blue in the colour scheme makes it stand out from the majority of LEGO Batman vehicles, and this is a good thing. The predominantly-black colour looks good, but a change now and again isn’t a bad thing, and that is proved here.

Scarecrow’s Harvester

The highlight of the set for me before building it, the Scarecrow’s combine harvester is an odd choice for the main vehicle, if nothing else because of the setting it would suggest. However, given the lead villain’s more farm-based, Worzel Gummidge-like appearance (and there’s a specific and dated reference for you), the presence of a combine harvester makes perfect sense. It helps, also, that it looks absolutely superb and is one of the best LEGO vehicles I have built.

There is a definite Technics influence as you start the build, though this is for a very good reason; the main play feature of the set. Once constructed, pushing the harvester alone, in turn, rotates the thresher section at the front. It works perfectly and really makes the piece something special. And the biggest compliment you can pay it, and LEGO in general is that it looks so simple when completed. But as you put it all together, and you see it come to life, it makes you realise – if you didn’t already – just how good this set is.

At the rear of the combine is Scarecrow’s device of torture; a tank used to hold the gas bombs cooked up. It is also large enough to fit a minifigure in there, should you want Scarecrow to subject Bats or the unlucky farmer to a claustrophobic experience. Colour-wise, it is a mainly light brown choice, with the odd neon green thrown in there, and there are several stickers used to accentuate a used and rusted look to the piece. Stickers are still a sore point when it comes to some sets, but here they are utilised well, adding to the appearance of rustic and aged.

All in all, this is a wonderful addition to this set, and the Super Heroes sets in general. Its uniqueness comes in the fact that you are not likely to often see a combine harvester show up in a LEGO heroes set, but the choice to amend the Scarecrow’s previous appearance into what we have here paid dividends. Furthermore, the design of the vehicle, in general, is superb, with the cog system used to its full potential with the movable thresher section.

The Set Overall

So with another DC Comics Super Heroes set comes another home run. We can talk about hero variety all we want, but Batman sells, and this one will too. Featuring a really good, and varied, minifig selection – including a Killer Moth figure that you never knew you wanted – the inclusion of the Batcopter and especially the combine harvester really push the set into must-own territory. It’s not the cheapest set, but for what you get, and the play features included in the two main vehicles, it’s hard to argue against picking this one up.

This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.


  • Scarecrow’s harvester is a great build
  • Good minifigure selection
  • The harvester and Batcopter offer good playability features


  • The Batman variant minifig and Batcopter are good additions, but maybe a Batman-less DC set next time?
"I've got a brand new combine harvester..."


The Dark Knight rides again, but this time it’s the villain who takes the plaudits. The Scarecrow impresses with both his minifigure and his combine, and add that to some other collection-boosting figures and a play feature-heavy Batcopter, make this yet another set that you really should be going out of your way for.

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